STFC: G4 Dominion Transwarp Cell

STFC players can use their G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells to travel to high-level systems to mine rich materials.

Gamers can test their tactical abilities in this thrilling video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). You have to vanquish enemies, complete space-based missions, recruit officers and build vessels to progress in the game.

There are many objects that Commanders can acquire, such as the G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells.

STFC: G4 Dominion Transwarp Cell

Players can travel to the new Borg Systems using Transwarp Cells. Once a warp is initiated, the appropriate number of Transwarp Cells will be taken from your inventory. If you cancel the warp, you will lose those Cells.

After building the Vi’dar ship, you can find Transwarp Cells in a chest in the “Gifts” Section, which is available every 22 hours.

In addition to normal Transwarp Cells, Commanders can acquire G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells, though these cells cannot simply be procured by opening a chest.

STFC player, Saggy, revealed on the official Discord channel that you can use G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells to mine G4 materials.

Players can use the G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells to travel to Koteli, Parada, Calinon and Karemma to mine rich resources.

Keep in mind that these mines are extremely big, so we recommend that you have maximum cargo capacity on your miner vessel as well as cargo crews.

STFC: G4 Dominion Transwarp Cell
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How to acquire G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells

According to the in-game description of the G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells, players can purchase the cells in the Bajoran Faction Store.

However, your Operations have to be at least level 40 to access this store. Unfortunately, it is undertermined how much the G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells cost, which means that you may need to farm currencies to purchase the cells.

Best Crew for mining

There are many crews that you can use to mine resources, however, some crews can increase the cargo hold of your vessel.

The crew that you use depends on the material that you are mining:

Material Recommended Crew
  • Stonn
  • T’pring
  • 10 of 11
  • T’pring
  • 10 of 11
  • Stonn
  • Joachin
  • 10 of 11
  • T’pring
  • Barot
  • T’pring
  • 10 of 11

You can also use the following characters to increase your vessel’s cargo capacity:

Position Name
Captain 2 of 11
Officer 4 of 11
Officer Stonn
Below Deck T’Laan

Ship recommendations

When you have your G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells, you need to select crew members and a vessel. It is crucial that you select the correct ship, as it will determine how much material you can hold in your cargo.

STFC Discord moderator, HarmoniousQ, recommended that players use the biggest, fattest, proper miner they have. He also mentioned that he uses his T7 Hydra to mine materials when using G4 Dominion Transwarp Cells.

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