STFC: Freeman Crew

To enhance Carol Freeman’s capabilities in STFC, we recommend that you assign Worf and Lorca to her crew.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game which invites players to command their own fleet. The objective of the game is to recruit officers, complete space-missions, explore star systems and battle against enemies.

One of the officers that you can procure is Carol Freeman, but you have to use her with the correct crew to enhance her capabilities.

Carol Freeman

Carol Freeman was one of the 3 Epic Officers introduced with update 58, also referred to as the Lower Decks II Part 1 update.

Since STFC is based on the classic Star Trek series, it comes as no surprise that Freeman was once part of the Star Trek: Lower Decks series, which is the ninth main series set in the Star Trek series.

According to Star Trek lore, Captain Carol Freeman was a Human Starfleet officer who lived in the 2380s. She served as the commanding officer of the USS Cerritos, which specialized in second contact missions.

STFC: Freeman Crew

Players can now acquire Carol Freeman’s shards to add her to their arsenal. Once you have  her, you need to assign the correct crew to her to enhance her abilities.

Although you can assign any crew to her, some crews will synergize better with her abilities than others.

The following table lists the officers that you can assign to Freeman’s crew, along with a description of their abilities:

Officer Captain’s Maneuver Officer ability
Gabriel Lorca When a round begins, if the opponent has a Hull Breach, Gabriel decreases the opponent’s weapon damage by 100 percent for the turn. At the beginning of every round, there is a chance that he can deal a Hull Breach to the opponent’s ship for 2 rounds.
HG Worf After winning a battle, Worf Increases the ship’s Warp Speed by 70 percent. However, it is worth noting that the bonus does not stack and will be removed when you return to your station. Worf increases all Mitigation statistics against non-player targets by a certain percentage. This percentage increases every time you increase Worf’s rank or level.

As shown in the table, Worf and Lorca have amazing Captain’s Maneuvers, however, you should not assign them to the captain’s position on a ship.

Instead, you should always assign Carol Freeman to the captain’s position and Lorca and Worf should be the officers of the ship.

If you do not have Worf and Lorca in your officer collection, do not fret –  they are currently available for recruitment in the in-game store. That being said, players allegedly need to use real money to purchase these officers.

Freeman’s abilities

Similarly to Worf and Lorca, Carol Freeman has several abilities that you can benefit from in a battle against a hostile or another player. Carol’s abilities:

Ability type Name Description
Officer ability Cerritos Strong!
  • When the round starts, if the enemy player has any state, she increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by 60 percent for 1 round.
  • Isolytic Cascade multiplies your total damage, including Isolytic Damage, and all research and other bonuses.
  • Players should note that the states include, but are not limited to, Hull Breach, Assimilated, Morale and Burning.
  • Cerritos Strong only activates when Freeman is assigned to the bridge of a ship.
Captain ability Vocal Jazz
  • When combat commences, Carol increases shots by 100 percent against an opponent player.
  • This ability only activates when Freeman is assigned to the officer position on a ship.

Enhancing Freeman’s abilities

When you have obtained Carol Freeman and her crew members, you have to increase their levels and ranks to enhance their abilities.

By increasing her levels and rank, you will increase the influence of her abilities. For example, when she reaches Commander V, her Cerritos Strong ability will increase your Isolytic Cascade damage by 130 percent instead of 60 percent.

If you are interested in increasing her ranks, you should consider the following:

Number Max level Shards Officer XP Federation Credits Command Badge
1 5 100 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
2 10 100 50 000 1350 Not applicable
3 15 200 500 000 5250 1
4 20 300 1 250 000 13 225 2
5 30 400 2 500 000 30 000 4

PvP battles

When you explore space, you may encounter another STFC player attacking your vessel. There is a possibility that the opponent will use the Freeman crew to fight your vessel.

The Freeman crew is extremely good, but you could lose the battle against the enemy player if your officers are not strong enough.

This is because Freeman is unreasonably unfair to explorers. When fighting a battleship with burn and an interceptor with hull breach, Freeman will become much stronger.

However, if you fight with an explorer with morale, Freeman will become stronger, and she will wreck your vessel.

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