STFC: Freebooter

STFC update 52 introduces the Ex-Borg Faction, which allows players to defeat the Freebooter enemies, though you can only unlock these enemies at level 38.

Gamers can put their strategic skills to the test in this adventurous mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). It is your responsibility to expand your fleet by collecting officers, constructing ships, mining resources, and exploring a vast galaxy.

Scopely, STFC’s developer, recently added the Ex-Borg faction to the game, which allows players to defeat Freebooter hostiles.

Factions in STFC

There are several factions in STFC, including Klingon, Federation, Romulan, and Augment. You can gain faction reputation with one faction at a time and once you have enough faction reputation points, you will unlock the faction store and faction dailies.

At one point, the faction will reach a faction lock. This means that you can no longer decrease your faction reputation with a specific faction. Therefore, you can start increasing your reputation with another factions to unlock its store and daily quests.

Although factions may seem simple  to some, they are a key component in STFC. This is because some items can only be acquired through faction stores.

STFC: Freebooter

Scopely regularly updates STFC to fix issues and introduce new content to the game. Update 52, which was released on Tuesday, 7 March 2023, introduced several new features to STFC, including the Ex-Borg Faction.

STFC: Freebooter
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This faction invites players to vanquish Freebooter enemies. Commanders can unlock this faction once they have completed the We Are People Too mission.

You can acquire this mission in the Holodeck, though it is only available to players who are level 38 and higher.

The Ex-Borg accumulated vast knowledge when they were still members of the Collective, but they are now ready to share this knowledge with allies.

Commanders that gain favour with them will get access to a new Faction Store and the Ex-Borg Research Tree.

This tree provides perks that increase returns and speed in other gameplay activities, including varying actions and ship loops.

According to the update, you can learn about the new Ex-Borg Faction in 5 new missions, for which  you have to fight off Freebooters and recover valuable technology.

It is noteworthy that the Freebooters are very unique and thus, you cannot use a standard crew to defeat them. Players have to combine a specific crew in order to successfully defeat Freebooter enemies.

Freebooter location

Since the STFC Galaxy is a vast open world, it can be difficult to determine where the Freebooters are located. In the world map, you should look for a new green cloud area, as the Freebooters are limited to the new area on the world map.

Keep in mind that you need a ship that can travel to this new location, however, you can only travel to the new location if you have unlocked it. In order to unlock it, you have to complete the We Are People mission.

This mission is only available to players who are level 38 and higher.

Freebooter crew

Many players believe that they should use the standard, Pike, Moreau, and Chin combination. But the developers designed the Freebooter enemies so that the standard crew combination is not as effective.

However, this does not mean that you cannot use the standard crew, but you should bear in mind that you may not be very successful.

In order to defeat the Freebooter enemies, we recommend that you use Tal. You can use this officer with Beverly, Georgia, Pike, and strategy world officers. This crew combination ensures that you will deal a lot of damage.

However, if you only want to complete your daily missions, you can use a simpler crew. You can use a Strange New World officer, Gorkon, and Khan with a battleship.

Freebooter systems

The Freebooter enemies can be found in the Benijat System (S:1212347831) and STFC players can allegedly find the system next to Rogue Space.

Since they can only be defeated by players who are level 38 or higher, the developers have limited the systems where the enemies can be found.

It is advisable that you look for enemies within the system, but you can also explore the area next to the system as Freebooters tend to spawn around the system as well.

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