STFC: Fragile Agreement mission

Players have to complete STFC’s Fragile Agreement mission in order to gain access to the Commiseration mission, which can unlock Ba’Neth.

In this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you can build ships, mine resources, vanquish enemies and complete space-based missions.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently released update 55, which introduced many new features to the game. Players can now complete the Fragile Agreement mission.

STFC: Fragile Agreement mission

Fragile Agreement is one of the new missions that players can complete in STFC, but it cannot simply be started by accepting it in a system. To access this mission, you have to complete the Beyond Uncharted mission.

Once you have accepted the Fragile Agreement, you must travel through the wormhole and go to Uxal. Players then have to follow Captain Turuch to Kalak where you have to vanquish 10 enemies which are level 26 or higher.

After defeating these enemies, you have to locate a scout ship and go to Dinaal. To complete the quest, players  must return to Captain Turuch, who is in Eviloy.

STFC: Fragile Agreement mission
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Players will earn rich rewards for completing the Fragile Agreement mission, some of which include:

Mission chain

Fragile Agreement is part of a mission chain that is crucial for your progress in the second part of the Voyager Arc.

The chain starts with the Beyond Uncharted mission, in which you have to investigate the interspatial flexure. Thereafter, you have to complete Fragile Agreement to unlock the Commiseration mission.

Players will only be able to travel to the new system, Ba’Neth, when they have completed the entire mission chain.

Commiseration Mission

Players have to complete Fragile Agreement to unlock the Commiseration mission, which gives you access to one of the new systems in the Delta Quadrant, Ba’Neth. You can accept the Commiseration mission in the level 29 system, Eviloy.

For this mission, you must find the activated sensor array before traveling to Dinaal. STFC players then have to destroy a separatist ship.

Once the vessel is vanquished, you can decide whether you want to share the real coordinates or the fake coordinates. The rewards that you receive will be determined by your decision.


Completing Fragile Agreement will eventually give you access to the level 32 system, Ba’Neth. While exploring the new system, you may encounter new enemy types, namely Lost enemies and Hirogen Hunters.

These new enemies are imperative for your advancement in the new Voyager Arc. If you defeat Hirogen Hunters, you will receive Hirogen Relics, which can be refined to fuel your USS Voyager’s abilities.

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