STFC: Formation Armadas

Players can defeat the new Formation Armadas in Delta Quadrant to procure Artifacts, and you need 100 Formation Armada Directives to initiate the attack.

Gamers can put their strategic skills to the test in this thrilling mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

The objective of the game is to expand your fleet by constructing buildings, harvesting resources, recruiting troops and accumulating resources. There are various enemies that you can defeat, such as Formation Armadas.

Update 54 in STFC

STFC’s developer, Scopely, released the official notes for update 54 on Tuesday, 9 May 2023. Not only does this update resolve numerous issues, but it also introduces several new features to the game for gamers to enjoy.

Players can now add 2 new officers, B’Elanna Torres and The Doctor, to their collection.

Although the officers’ rarities differ, both of them have unique abilities that can have a great impact on your fleet. Furthermore, you can enjoy a new arc, The Voyager Part 1, to delve deeper into STFC’s story.

STFC players level 26 and higher can now also explore a new space called Delta Quadrant

STFC: Formation Armadas

According to the update, “A new type of armada challenge is here and ready for players to conquer!” You have to team up with your strongest allies to fight Species 8472, which is a new item that can be stored in the Artifact Gallery, and earn artifacts.

Unfortunately, this activity can only be enjoyed by players level 26 and higher. By working together, 3 groups have to coordinate to take on Formation Armadas.

STFC: Formation Armadas
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If the groups manage to vanquish the 3 nodes simultaneously, players will receive maximum loot.

Keep in mind that these nodes will not only be targeted by your own Alliance members, but also by any other Alliances in the system.

Players can start an attack on the Formation Armadas using Formation Armada Directives. Once you start an attack, 3 members from your alliance can join you in battling the node.

Once the node is defeated, the player that initiated the attack will receive the Leader’s Chest. However, all alliance members who participated in the attack will be rewarded.

If an alliance or several alliances want to destroy all 3 nodes, then there must be 3 Commanders to attack each of the 3 nodes. After destroying all 3 nodes, you will be able to attack the core of the Formation Armada.

If you destroy the core, you will not only receive rewards for defeating the Armada, but you will also receive Artifact Shards. Players can use these shards to procure and upgrade new Artifacts.

Artifact Gallery

In order to construct the new Artifact Gallery, you need to acquire 100 Artifact Gallery Keys, which are distributed through gifts. Additionally, you have to complete the Collect and Conquer mission to discover more about the building.

Once you have built the Artifact Gallery, you can vanquish Formation Armadas to procure and upgrade artifacts. Artifacts are powerful items that will grant you a wide range of highly-potent buffs.

One of the buffs that you can unlock is Scotty’s Trident Scanner, which increases Ship Part Cost Efficiency for all ship components. However, you have to vanquish Formation Armadas to unlock artifacts.

Where to find Formation Armadas

The Delta Quadrant is home to Formation Armadas. If you are level 26, you can use the Border of the Alpha Quadrant to enter the system. In this space, you will find Planetary Missions, a Formation Armada target and Lost hostiles.

Players must complete the Commiseration mission, which can be found in the Eviloy system, to unlock the pathway for further exploration during the Voyager Arc.

However if you are level 34 or higher, you can use the Depths of the Delta Quadrant to enter Delta Quadrant. In this space, players can follow the USS Voyager, as it continues its journey home to the Alpha Quadrant.

This part of the Delta Quadrant hosts several core missions, Hirogen Hostiles and Lost Hostiles.

Formation Armada Directives

In order to start an attack against the Formation Armadas, you need 100 Formation Armada Directives. Players can acquire the Directives through the Daily Goal completion.

Allegedly, players can receive up to 15 Formation Armada Directives daily, but since you need 100 Directives, it is going to take some time for you to collect enough to start an attack.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to collect Directives for free in STFC. If you are willing to spend money in STFC, you can go to the “Offers” tab in the game to purchase Formation Armada Directives.

Unfortunately, this means that pay-to-play players will receive a slight head start when it comes to attacking Formation Armadas.

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