STFC: Forbidden Tech

STFC players can use Forbidden Tech to enhance their vessels’ capabilities, but you have to build Q’s Court to unlock it.

Players can test strategic skills in this exhilarating video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). The game’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game to resolve bugs and to introduce new features to the game.

Update 54 introduced the new Forbidden Tech, which only players Ops level 19 and higher can access.

STFC: Forbidden Tech

Forbidden Tech is a set of dangerous collectibles that players can add to their collection.

You can complete Q’s Trials to get access to some of the  trickiest, prohibited and unstable technology ever found in the STFC universe to enhance your ship’s capabilities.

To unlock Forbidden Tech, you have to be at least level 19 and you have to build Q’s Court to gain access to Q’s Trials. For every Trial completed, you will be rewarded with Protomatter, which can be used to upgrade your Forbidden Tech.

Ships Tier-2 and higher can be transformed into more powerful vessels with the help of forbidden Tech.

To unlock a ship’s Forbidden Tech slot, players must use Fusion Rods, which can be exchanged for Forbidden Tech Credits in the Refinery.

Players should note that the number of Fusion Rods required are determined by the ship’s grade. The higher the ship’s grade is, the more Fusion Rods will be required to unlock its Forbidden Tech slot.

STFC: Forbidden Tech
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Can you change a ship’s Forbidden Tech?

If you are unhappy with the Forbidden Tech that you slotted to a ship, you can change it whenever you want to.

Changing a ship’s Forbidden Tech can be done easily through the Forbidden Tech inventory screen, though this process requires Fusion Rods.

The number of Fusion Rods required is determined by the Forbidden Tech’s rarity. Players can also swap Forbidden Tech between ships, which requires a double fee as it includes the unslotting cost for both of the Forbidden Techs.

Can you upgrade Forbidden Tech?

It is crucial that you upgrade your Forbidden Tech regularly to enhance its capabilities. To increase the Tech’s level, you need to procure Protomatter, but if you want to increase the Tech’s tier, you have to farm Catalysts and Reactors.

STFC players should note that every attempt to improve their Forbidden Tech could fail. That being said, the materials used are consumed on all attempts, whether they were successful or not.

Where to find upgrade materials

 To upgrade your Forbidden Tech, you must farm the following items:

Material How to acquire
Catalysts Players can refine Forbidden Tech Credits to acquire Catalysts. You can earn Forbidden Tech Credits by completing Q’s Trials Daily Goals
Reactors You can earn Reactors by completing Q’s Trials’ Daily Goals
Protomatter Commanders are rewarded with Protomatter every time they successfully complete a Trial

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