STFC: Field Training Realta

STFC new Field Training feature requires that players complete several tasks, however, some players are stuck at upgrading their Realta.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), an exciting video game, you can test your strategic skills. The game is based on the Star Trek series, and therefore, you will need ships to progress in the game.

One of the ships that you can get is the Realta, and you can now undergo field training for it.

The Realta

The Realta is one of the first ships that players can construct when they start playing STFC. It is a reliable explorer that is based on designs of early Earth-made starships.

Because of its small design and small components, multiple Realta ships were commissioned in the early 2100’s.

The ships have subsequently become synonymous with the Independence movement. Even though the Realta is a basic ship, it is the fastest ship in STFC on impulse power.

The ship has an impulse power of 150, but when paired with the correct team, it can move even faster.

STFC: Field Training Realta

STFC’s developer, Scopely, occasionally introduces new content into the game through game updates. On Tuesday, 6 December 2022, Scopely announced that several new features are added to the game, such as the Training Field.

The Training Field will be available for all Commanders, with a special focus on those that are new to the Star Trek Fleet Command world. Players can follow the training tasks to learn the intricacies of being a Commander and unlock rewards.

In other words, the Training Field is intended to help all Commanders in STFC understand the game better. It can also help you progress in the game as you have to complete specific tasks to earn rewards.

Although anyone can use the Training Field, some players are stuck at a certain mission as they have already completed it. This mostly happens to midgame and endgame players, as they completed the Training Field tasks before it was added to STFC.

Most midgame and endgame players are stuck at the mission where they have to upgrade their Realta. Since the Realta is the first ship they acquired in STFC, it is already fully levelled. And therefore, players cannot advance to the next mission of the Training Field.

STFC: Field Training Realta
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STFC announced on Wednesday, 7 December 2022, that they are aware that there are a few missions in Field Training that veteran players cannot complete, which makes them stuck on progressions. They also said that they are working toward auto completing those tasks.

One of the tasks for which they are working on auto completion is upgrading your Realta. Therefore, if you are stuck at this mission, you should wait until Scopely adds the auto completion feature.

Increasing the tier of your Realta

Another Field Training mission requires that you increase the tier of your Realta. You may experience the same problem in this case as with upgrading your Realta.

This is because most players have already increased their Realta’s tier before the Field Training missions were added to STFC.

If you are stuck at this mission, you should wait until the auto completion feature is added to STFC. Unfortunately, there is no other way to complete this mission, which, regrettably, forces to wait for Scopely.

How to upgrade your Realta

If you are a new player and have yet to increase or upgrade your Realta’s tier, you will not be experiencing these issues. You can simply follow the Field Training missions and progress normally.

Players can upgrade their Realta by selecting the ship while it is docked at your station. You will find a tab at the bottom of your screen that allows you to open a ship menu.

After selecting the  “Manage” icon, you can upgrade it by clicking the “Upgrade” button at the bottom of the screen.

Can you craft another Realta?

Many players who are stuck at upgrading their Realta missions have considered constructing another Realta to complete the mission.

If you want to construct a ship, you need specific blueprints. Unfortunately, there is no way to acquire additional blueprints for the Realta.

This means that you cannot construct another Realta ship to complete the Field Training mission.

If you have deconstructed your Realta, you will also not be able to build another to complete the mission because you will not be able to find blueprints for the ship.

Allegedly, the ability to have more than 1 Realta was enabled on the original STFC servers, but this ability was removed when the new servers were introduced.

This could mean that you are going to be stuck at upgrading your Realta mission for quite some time, even when they introduce the auto completion feature.

This is because you do not have the ship in your collection and therefore, the game will be unable to auto complete the mission.

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