STFC: Ferengi Whip

STFC recently announced that players can acquire a new Forbidden Tech; Ferengi Whip, which increases the mining rate of Concentrated Latinum on D’Vor Feesha.

Gamers can encounter legendary Star Trek characters, locations, vessels and storylines in this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command.

To progress in the game, you have to complete space-based missions, build vessels, upgrade your buildings and defeat enemies.

Ferengi Whip

STFC’s developer, Scopely, regularly updates the game to ensure that you have the best gaming experience.

The Lower Decks II Part 2 update was released on Tuesday, 3 October 2023 and it introduced various new features to the game.

With this update, players can now enjoy a new Forbidden Tech, Ferengi Energy Whip. This hand-held weapon has the ability to discharge a concussive energy pulse when lashed, stunning or injuring anyone in the line of fire.

STFC: Ferengi Whip
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According to the weapon’s description, Ferengi weapon dealers have been marketing the weapon and have built up a lucrative black market distribution network, despite the weapons having been banned by the wide galactic community.

The Ferengi Energy Whip enhances the mining rate of Concentrated Latinum on D’Vor Feesha and several other mining augments.

Furthermore, it grants players access to Forbidden Tech fragments to unlock additional Forbidden Tech in the refinery.

On the official STFC’s Discord server, moderator, Zabatiz, mentioned that if you unlock the Ferengi Energy Whip Forbidden Tech, your Feesha will be able to mine between 8 million and 10 million resources per hour.

However, as you upgrade this Forbidden Tech, its value will increase, and you will receive additional bonuses.

We therefore recommend that you acquire the Ferengi Whip as soon as possible so that you can mine resources at a faster rate.


The Ferengi Whip Forbidden Tech can increase the Concentrated Latinum Mining Rate on the D’Vor Feesha vessel, but as you increase its level and tier, the value with which it increases the mining rate increases.

The values that you can encounter are as follows:

Level Tier Value
2 1 10 000%
4 1 14 000%
6 2 20 000%
8 2 28 000%
10 2 36 000%
14 3 40 000%
19 4 44 000%
25 5 48 000%

Ferengi Energy Whip effects

In addition to the Increased Latinum Mining Rate on D’Vor Feesha, you can unlock additional effects as you increase the Tech’s tier.

The table below lists all the effects that you can procure by increasing the Tech’s tier:

Tier Effect Value
1 Increases Concentrated Latinum Mining Rate on D’Vor Feesha 8 000% to 48 000%
3 Increases Cargo capacity 20% to 150%
6 Increases Mining Rate 75% to 800%
8 Increases Protected Cargo 50% to 400%

As is shown in the table, you will receive additional Cargo Capacity, Protected Cargo as well as an increase in your Mining Rate.

If you unlock these effects, you will receive the base value, however, as you increase the Tech’s tier, you will receive an increase in value for every effect.

How to improve the Ferengi Whip

Forbidden Tech can be improved by increasing its level and tier, but it is not a simple task. To upgrade your Ferengi Whip, you have to complete Q’s Trials.

Upon successful completion of a Trial, you will receive Protomatter, which you can use to upgrade your Forbidden Tech.

You also need Reactors to increase the level of Ferengi Whip, which can be earned by completing Q’s Trials Daily Goals. To increase the Tech’s tier, you need to collect Catalysts, which are refined from Forbidden Tech Credits.

The quantity that you receive is determined by the Trial and your current Court of Q building level.

Keep in mind that each attempt to improve your Forbidden Tech could fail. You have to gain Q’s Favor and increase your success rate by increasing your Assessment Rank.

How to acquire Ferengi Whip

Commanders should remember that the Ferengi Whip is not available in the game. Instead, you have to open the STFC web store to acquire it.

Keep in mind though that you need to sign in with your Scopely account before you can obtain it.

If you do not have a Scopely account, we recommend that you create an account via the game before you attempt to procure it.

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