STFC: Facade

Scopely recently introduced The Facade to STFC, and it unlocks a new faction store as well as a new game mode.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating video game that invites players to experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy.

In order to advance in the game, you can construct a variety of buildings in your starbase, but keep in mind that every building has a unique objective.


On Tuesday, 5 December 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 61, which continues the “Make it So” arc. This update introduced various new features, including a new game mode; Wave Defense.

However, to participate in this activity players must construct the new building, The Facade. This building not only gives you access to the Wave Defense activity, but also to the new Section 31 Faction Store.

STFC: Facade
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The Facade will provide you with various buffs that will have a great influence on your gameplay. As you upgrade the building, the buffs will become better.

You can get the following buffs by building The Facade:

  • The building increases base Weapon Damage against Wave Defense Hostiles up to 2 000 percent
  • It increases your base Hull Health up to 2250 percent
  • Increases base Officer Stats up to 500 percent

The building will also provide additional resources to the new Armada Quick Start Functionality, which is available in the Section 31 faction store.


In order to build The Facade, you will have to procure certain materials, and upgrading the building also requires specific materials.

The table below lists the necessary materials to build and upgrade The Facade:

Level Materials
  • 800 Parsteel
  • 100 Section 31 Transmitters
  • 1800 Parsteel
  • 31 Section 31 Transmitters
  • 7000 Parsteel
  • 45 Section 31 Transmitters
  • 25 500 Parsteel
  • 67 Section 31 Transmitters
  • 145 000 Parsteel
  • 96 Section 31 Transmitters

S31 Faction Store

After building The Facade you will get access to the S31 Faction Store, which launches with 6 Ranks and an exciting collection of rewards.

Players can procure the new Section 31 Favors, buffs for the Wave Defense challenges, special Refits, prime particles, Sigma resources and also a new permanent sourcing location for specific Officers.

You can also acquire the Section 31 Transmitters through this store.

Commanders can also benefit from the “Armada Quick Start” system, however, it only works for Alliance and Solo Armada.

This system allows the Leader to use Speed Ups whenever they want to after the Armada has been started to reduce the countdown timer.

Wave Defense

You can start the Wave Defense activity in STFC once you have constructed your Facade. Keep in mind that you have to team up with other players to face multiple waves of enemies.

The enemies will spawn in predefined locations, and they will move towards the Central Entity with the intention of destroying it.

It is up to you to prevent the enemies from reaching the Central Entity by destroying them. Players should note that the difficulty increases with every wave.

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