STFC: Ex-Borg reputation

You can earn reputation points for the new faction, Ex-Borg, by completing the daily mission, Freebooter Hunt in STFC.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), gamers can encounter iconic characters from the classic Star Trek series. The game takes place in a vast open galaxy, in which players can explore star systems, construct ships, recruit officers, and expand their fleet.

Update 52, which was released on 7 March 2023, introduced several new features to STFC. Players can now enjoy the Ex-Borg faction, which functions similarly to other factions in STFC. This also means that you can increase your reputation with the Ex-Borg faction.

STFC: Update 52

Scopely, STFC’s developer, regularly updates the game to introduce new content and to repair known bugs. Update 52 introduces The Mess Hall, the Ex-Borg Faction, a refit for D’Vor Feesha Glas, new officers and new missions.

The new features tend to motivate veteran players to continue playing STFC. Scopely also attempts to expand their player base by introducing new features to the game.

In addition to the new features, Scopely also resolved several bugs which include, but are not limited to :

  • An issue where the mission rewards for Combat Training level 60 were incorrect.
  • An issue in Borg Solo Armadas where players were not receiving Uncommon FC Credit rewards.
  • An issue where on the Collective of One mission, the locate button was missing from the mission panel for the last objective.

STFC: Ex-Borg reputation

The Ex-Borg are not defined by what they are, but by what they are not. Contrary to their name, they are not Borg, and they are not machines. They are people who are trying their best to reclaim a life that was taken from them.

They are fighting for their very right to exist in a galaxy that wishes they did not. The Ex-Borg Faction is positive only, which means that it is impossible to lose reputation based on your actions. Before you can gain reputation, you have to unlock the Faction.

To do so, you simply have to complete the  We are People too mission, which is only available to players who are level 38. If you complete this mission, you will receive your first Ex-Borg reputation points.

The faction introduces 2 daily goals, namely Freebooter Hunt and Freebooter Dominance. In these missions, you have to kill 2 and 6 Freebooter hostiles, respectively. Keep in mind that it is difficult to defeat these enemies.

Ex-Borg Credits can be earned from both daily goals, however, you will only get reputation points by completing the Freebooter Hunt daily quests.

When you have unlocked the Ex-Borg faction, you can start completing your Freebooter missions to collect reputation points.

It can be difficult to determine where the Freebooters are located. You should look for a green, cloud area, as the Freebooters are limited to the new area on the world map.

The Freebooters can be found in the Benijat System (S:1212347831) which you can allegedly find next to Rogue Space.

Ex-Borg credits

STFC players can either use their Ex-Borg credits to unlock nodes in the Ex-Borg research tree, or to be more efficient with specific daily grinding activities.

You can purchase faction store credits from the Ex-Borg faction store, but keep in mind that these chests are based on your specific ship’s tiers.

STFC: Ex-Borg reputation
© Scopely

Moreover, they are determined by the daily grinding activity, for example, from Actian Venom to Mantis tier. You can use your credits for whatever you need, however, it is advised that you them carefully, as it can take some time to farm these credits.

Ex-Borg Research Tree

The new faction introduces The Ex-Borg Research tree, which offers a wide variety of nodes that improves the overall experience by making existing activities more efficient. Some nodes can enhance the material cost efficiency, mining rate, and combat buffs.

We recommend that you use your Ex-Borg credits to unlock nodes in the Research Tree. Unlocking the nodes will benefit you in the long run, as the benefits and buffs never expire.

STFC: Ex-Borg reputation
© Scopely

You can unlock piercing, mitigation and reduced player-versus-player damage nodes, amongst other things.

Ex-Borg Research cost by operation level

The Ex-Borg Research costs based on operation levels are:

Reputation level Reputation quantity Ops level Res. quantity Credit Cost
Neutral 50 38 6 4 694
Tolerated 1250 38 12 19 940
Neighbour 3000 38 14 29 525
Friendly 4750 38 10 30 250
Friendly 4750 39 7 18 480
Favoured 7000 40 21 69 355
Associate 9500 41 11 37 135
Respected 12 000 42 13 49 290
Commended 15 500 43 8 36 510
Glorified 19 000 44 11 55 280
Distinguished 22 500 45 9 42 000
Distinguished 22 500 46 17 93 140
Distinguished 22 500 47 7 42 295
Distinguished 22 500 48 5 36 000
Distinguished 22 500 49 5 40 800
Distinguished 22 500 50 4 36 960
Distinguished 22 500 51 3 31 680
Distinguished 22 500 52 2 24 000

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