STFC: Eviloy

Eviloy is a new system in STFC which contains various missions, which you have to complete as they have an influence on the Voyager Arc.

Gamers can encounter Star Trek characters, ships and locations in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Update 55, which was released on Monday, 6 June 2023, introduced various new systems, missions and officers to the game. One of these new systems is Eviloy.

STFC: Eviloy

Eviloy is a level 29 Neutral System in the new Delta Quadrant. You can find raw ore, raw crystal and raw gas if you explore this system, all of which are valuable materials.

You may also encounter numerous enemies, including Lost enemies and Hirogen enemies.

Keep in mind that the enemy levels vary, meaning that some enemies are more difficult to vanquish than others, since they have more strength. Although Eviloy may just seem like another system in STFC, it is integral in your progress.

This is because there are several missions that you can accept at Eviloy and if you complete them, you will get access to numerous other systems in the Delta Quadrant.

That being said, you need a warp range of 25 in order to reach Eviloy, so low-level players will not be able to explore the system, as their warp ranges are too low.

STFC: Eviloy
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Commiseration Mission

One of the most important missions in STFC is Commiseration, which can be acquired in Eviloy. In this mission, you have to find the activated sensor array by going to Kalak.

Players then have to follow the signal to Dinaal, where they have to defeat a Devore Separatist ship.

After destroying the ship, you can either share the fake coordinates or the real coordinates to complete the mission. Your rewards upon completion are based on your decision.

Once you have completed the mission, you will gain access to Think Tank, Ba’Neth and Razrom, among other systems.

Cat and Mouse

The Cat and Mouse quest consists of 5 stages that must be completed consecutively. STFC players can pick up the first part of this quest in Eviloy, but to complete the quest, you need a warp range of 110.

You can follow these steps to complete the quest:

  1. Reach the entry system: Go to Kalak
  2. Meet the Mari delegation: Go to Antaria
  3. Donate 200 000 Dilithium for a welcome present
  4. Present the planet for the device production: o to Dijor’joh
  5. Kill 5 level 50 or higher enemies

Where is Eviloy?

Eviloy can be found in the Delta Quadrant. It is south east of Kalak and south of the level 33 system, Miranil.

If you are struggling to find the system, you should use the in-game search bar, which enables you to search for any system’s exact location.

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