STFC: Estellion

A recent STFC update introduced the level 40 system, Estellion, in which you can encounter Xindi-Aquatic Cruisers and Xindi-Aquatic Enhanced Cruisers

On Tuesday, 6 February 2024, Scopely announced that Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players will be able to add a new vessel, known as the Enterprise NX-01 to their fleet.

This ship saved the galaxy from the threat of the Sphere Builders and their pawns, the Xindi, once before, and now it is here to do it again.

Similar to other vessels in STFC, the NX-01 has a specific loop you can follow to procure unique items and defeat special hostiles. While advancing through the loop, you will have to travel to new systems, one of which is Estellion.

Since Estellion is a level 40 system, you need a minimum warp range of 70 to reach it. If you are not level 40, you will not be able to explore the system.

However, if you are level 40 and do not have 70 warp range, you can assign specific officers to a ship to increase your warp range.

In order to enter Estellion, you need to use a Delphic Expanse Token, which can be obtained by progressing in the NX-01 loop.

It is important to note that this system does not feature any housing, however, you can encounter Xindi-Aquatic Cruisers as well as Xindi-Aquatic Enhanced Cruisers while exploring the system.

STFC: Estellion
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NX-01 Loop

Once you have used a Delphic Expanse Token to enter Estellion, you have to battle Xindi-Aquatic hostiles to earn Xindi Tech Modules. Players can exchange these Modules in NX-01’s refinery to obtain Opportunity Chips.

Commanders can use their Opportunity Chips to either select the Risky or Safe reward path, which will grant you various amounts of Ex-Borg Faction Credits.

You can use these credits to claim Ex-Borg Faction Bundles, or purchase Ex-Borg Favors. You can also use the Faction Credits to upgrade your NX-01.

Additional systems

The NX-01 Loop introduced 15 new themed systems, each of which contains Xindi-Aquatic hostiles. Players should remember that these enemies can only be defeated with the NX-01 vessels.

In addition to the Estellion system, you can find the Xindi-Aquatic enemies in the following systems:

  • Demetrium
  • Juuska
  • Faden
  • Dahkso
  • Tamhluch
  • Paynax
  • Emissius
  • Anorlo
  • Taskeh
  • Meedra
  • Tebith
  • Mobhi
  • Glensha
  • Yoton

How to construct the Enterprise NX-01

In order to defeat the enemies in Estellion, you have to construct the Enterprise NX-01. Commanders have to be level 40 before they can add the vessel to their collection.

To construct the ship, you have to acquire blueprints. Commanders can acquire 1 or 2 NX-01 blueprints daily from the Ex-Borg Store.

However, STFC has given players the opportunity to fully unlock the ship via the Offers Tab. Bear in mind though that you have to spend real money for a complete unlock.

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