STFC: Espionage event answers

The Espionage event in STFC consists of numerous quizzes, each of which has specific answers.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites gamers to immerse themselves in a fictitious space realm. The game is based on the classic series, Star Trek and hence, you can expect to encounter similar storylines, characters, and regions in the game as in the series.

When you first start playing STFC, your primary focus should be earning experience points in order to increase your level. Aside from completing the main story quests, players can enjoy events and activities.

One of the occasional in-game events is Espionage, which requires that you find the spy before they throw the Alpha Quadrant into war. To do this, you have to answer a range of questions.

What is an in-game event?

An in-game event allows players to experience a video game in a new, exciting way for a limited period of time.

During an in-game event, you have to complete specific tasks, missions, and objectives to earn valuable rewards. The items that you can get during an event can sometimes only be acquired from that specific event.

Some of the most successful in-game events are tournaments, limited time obstacles, and challenges. These activities sometimes have themes that correspond with real-life events, like Christmas or Halloween. However, some video games create their own themes to correspond to in-game events.

STFC: Espionage event answers

For the Deep Space Nine Special Event Series, otherwise referred to as Espionage, players have to complete a series of events. The official description explains that a spy is causing trouble in Alpha Quadrant, and it is your responsibility to find out who the spy is.

The event commenced in September 2022, and it will run through November 2022. During this time, players must complete a series of tasks to earn rewards and accumulate officer’s intel briefs.

You can use the officer’s intel briefs to guess who the spy is. However, the spy will only be revealed officially in December 2022. If you guess the spy correctly, you will be rewarded with numerous items, which can influence your gameplay.

There are various objectives to complete during an Espionage, such as defeating enemies, deciphering riddles and completing quizzes. There have allegedly only been 2 quizzes that players had to complete. The answers for the first quiz are:

Question Answer
1 Cardassians (players have to mine 1 grade-2 ore)
2 Terok Nor (Destroy 1 hostile in Rigel)
3 Mining (Mine 1 Tritanium)
4 Sisko (Destroy 1 hostile in Zaurak)
5 Runabouts (Destroy 1 hostile in Ora Leera)
6 Odo (Destroy 1 hostile in Majalan)
7 Cardassians versus Bajorans (Destroy 1 hostile in Atreig)
8 He can Shapeshift (Mine 1 G2 gas)
9 Miles (Destroy 1 hostile in Wrund)
10 A Bajoran Liaison officer (Spend 1 officer xp)

The answers for the second information quiz are:

Question Answer
1 D: kill 1 hostile in Kejal
2 C: mine 1 g-2 ore
3 E: mine 1 tritanium
4 C: kill 1 hostile in Wrund
5 D: kill 1 hostile in Ora Leraa
6 B:  kill 1 hostile in Praes
7 D: spend 1 officer xp
8 B: mine g-2 crystal

What are the answers for the following quiz?

Since the event is still active for 2 more months, players will likely encounter another quiz. However, the answers to that quiz are still unknown as the questions have yet to be revealed.

Once the questions have been published, you can keep an eye on STFC’s official Discord channel as other players will share the answers to the quiz on the platform.

However, if you want to figure out the answers without any help, you may have to invest some time into investigating.

October’s Espionage event

In October 2022, players have to investigate an individual for the Espionage event. The meta short message service (SMS) requires a certain number of briefs for the officer that you want to investigate.

If you try to split your briefs, you will allegedly miss out on additional rewards. It is recommended that you follow your gut and investigate the officer that you think is the spy.

The collaboration SMS requires 6 briefs for any officer to reach the top milestone. Completing the SMS automatically completes your Collaboration Meta, which will reward you with 1000 additional chips.

Players receive 6 rods to invest in officers, but all 6 rods must be invested into 1 officer.

Which officers can be identified as the spy?

To make the event easier for players, Scopely has selected 3 officers, one of which is the spy. Players can identify Cisco, Kira, or Miles as the spy. Keep in mind that the spy’s identity will only be revealed in December 2022.

If you guessed correctly, you will be rewarded.

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