STFC: Error Code 5

Several STFC commanders have encountered ‘error code 5’, which allegedly makes the game unplayable.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) was initially released in November 2018 and although Scopely regularly updates the game and resolves known issues, players still get error codes and experience from time to time.

One of the error codes that most players have encountered while playing STFC is error code 5. Unlike other error codes, error code 5 does not display the reason for the error.

On the official STFC Discord server, a few Commanders have shared when they have encountered error code 5.

STFC: Error Code 5
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A player named (HYP) PikeNX31 mentioned that error code 5 drops in the most recent MAC iOS, iPad iOS and iPhone iOS operating systems.

Another commander revealed that error code 5 is caused by an internet issue, however, when he logged into STFC with a stable internet connection, error code 5 still appeared.

Divine, another STFC player, said that the code generally indicates when the server is busy and is unable to connect you to the server to obtain data. This theory also suggests that your game will lag when you eventually log into your profile.

Although STFC players have shared their theories about error code 5 on the Discord server, Scopely is yet to announce the reason why players encounter the error code. This unfortunately means that we cannot say why the error code occurs.

How to resolve error code 5

When the error code 5 pop-up menu appears on your screen, you will notice that it has a green  “Confirm” button. Players believed that simply clicking on the button would resolve the issue, however, it does not fix the problem.

Several Commanders have mentioned that the error code 5 pop-up menu appeared a few seconds after they clicked on the confirm button on the previous pop-up menu. If the error code appears every few seconds, you will not be able to play the game.

This unfortunately means that some gamers have decided to stop playing STFC after they encountered the error code multiple times in a short period of time.

When will error code 5 be resolved?

According to STFC Discord moderator and admin, HarLiii, error code 5 is essentially a glitch that some gamers encounter while playing the game. Allegedly, the issue has been escalated to the development team.

This essentially means that the development team is aware of error 5 and hopefully, is working to resolve the issue.

Regrettably, it is unknown when the error code will be resolved, but you should keep an eye on the official STFC website for further news.

Is error code 5 a new issue?

The first mention of error code 5 on the official STFC Discord channel was in April 2022, which means that this has been a known bug for almost 2 years.

Since it is a recurring error code, several players believe that Scopely is not trying to resolve the error code entirely, but instead, they only provide players with a temporary fix.

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