STFC: Enterprise Trivia Answers

Commanders have to complete specific tasks to answer STFC’s Enterprise Trivia event’s questions, however there is only 1 correct answer

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players who are level 10 and higher can now participate in the Enterprise Trivia event. This event consists of 5 questions based on Star Trek lore, however, every question has 4 possible answers.

Commanders should note that each question only has 1 correct answer and to receive the rewards, you have to answer the question correctly. To answer a question, you have to complete a task which is linked to the answer you selected.

STFC: Enterprise Trivia Answers
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The correct answers for each question as well as the corresponding task you have to complete are listed below:

Question Correct answer Task
What was Trip’s real first name? A) Charles  Kill 1 Romulan Hostile
What was the name of Trip’s sister who was killed by the Xindi weapon? C) Lizzie Mine 1 Raw Ore
What was the name of Trip’s clone? C) Sim Mine 1 Parsteel
What species did Silik belong to? B) Suliban  Mine 1 Raw Crystal
What was T’Pol’s mother’s occupation? D) Instructor at Vulcan Science Academy Kill 1 Federation Hostile

As seen in the table, you will have to mine 1 Parsteel to answer that Sim was the name of Trip’s clone. That being said, you may have to travel to other systems to mine the resources and defeat the enemies.

You should keep in mind that you may be attacked by other players while you are mining the resources. We therefore recommend that you travel to a low-population system to mine the resources in peace.


For every question that you answer correctly, you will receive officer shards for T’Pol. Similarly to other officers in STFC, T’Pol has amazing abilities that can provide your fleet with bonuses.

The table below lists her abilities:

Ability type Name Description
Captain Ability Not applicable T’Pol does not have a captain’s ability. We therefore recommend that you do not assign her to the captain’s position of a ship as you will not receive any benefits.
Officer Ability Threats are Illogical T’Pol increases Protected Cargo by 70 percent
Below Decks Ability Vulcan Hydraulics T’Pol increases Ore mining speed by 50 percent

Event Duration

To gain as many rewards as possible, players should remember that the Enterprise Trivia event will conclude on Monday, 20 January 2024. Once the event ends, you will no longer be able to answer the questions by completing tasks.

Fortunately, the tasks that you have to complete are fairly easy, which means that you will be able to complete the tasks in a few minutes.

If you are close to reaching level 10, you still have a few days to gain as many experience points as possible in order to reach the required level to enjoy the event and rewards.

When you have reached level 10, you can open the event menu and complete the tasks to earn T’Pol’s officer shards.

Will there be other Trivia events?

Since Scopely regularly hosts Trivia events for players to enjoy, several Commanders believe that there will be another Trivia event in the near future.

Keep in mind, though, that the following Trivia event may be based on another theme, which means that you will not get the same questions and tasks.

STFC is yet to announce when the next Trivia event will be, but we recommend that you check the event menu regularly to see which events are active.

If you cannot participate in the Enterprise Trivia event because you do not meet the requirements, we recommend that you increase your level before the following trivia event starts.

Why you should participate in the Enterprise Trivia event

Several players avoid in-game events and simply follow the main arc of STFC, however, this is not advisable.

If you participate in the Enterprise Trivia event, you will gain T’Pol’s officer shards, which may be more difficult to acquire at a later date.

Furthermore, you have to travel to other systems to defeat opponents and mine resources, which will provide your fleet with experience points.

Commanders will also gain loot once they have vanquished the enemy and resources which can be used for a number of things.

In-game events essentially help you progress faster in the game, as you will get experience points, officer shards and resources.

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