STFC: Enterprise NX-01

STFC Commanders level 40 and higher can now experience the NX-01, which is the vessel that took humanity through the stars.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) recently revealed that gamers are able to experience the ship that took humanity on its first steps out on its trek through the stars.

The Enterprise NX-01 saved the galaxy from the mysterious Sphere Builders and their pawns, the Xindi, once before and now it is here to do it again.

This vessel is equipped with special systems, which were specifically designed to counter the Xindi. This means that players will have an edge over these formidable adversaries.

Unfortunately, this powerful ship is only available to Commanders level 40 and higher. To add this vessel to your fleet, you can procure 1 or 2 blueprints from the Ex-Borg Store on a daily basis.

However, STFC has given the players the ability to completely unlock the ship through the Offers tab, but you may have to spend real money for a complete unlock.

STFC: Enterprise NX-01
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If you are not willing to spend real money in the game, we recommend that you collect the blueprints every day until you have enough to construct the ship. Once you have built the ship, you can use it to vanquish enemies.

Players should regularly upgrade the ship as it will unlock unique rewards, such as new Favors and faster paths to the top tiers of existing Favors.

Players who are currently progressing through the Field Training will also find that the NX-01 has been added to the quests and if you complete them, you will receive unique rewards.

NX-01 Abilities

Every ship in STFC has unique abilities and statistics which affect its capabilities during a fight. The table below lists additional details about the NX-01:

Ability Description
Long Road Ahead The NX-01 temporarily reveals the depths of Deep Space, which allows the target system to be viewed even with no ship present in the system. It is noteworthy that you must have visited the target system at least once.
Learning the Hard Way This ability increases the vessel’s base damage by 16 000 000 percent against Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.
Polarized Hull The vessel deflects 9 shots from each of the Xindi-Aquatic weapons.

NX-01 Code

To celebrate the arrival of the Enterprise NX-01 in STFC, Scopely has released a unique code, which can be redeemed to earn rich rewards. An admin of the STFC Discord server announced the code on Tuesday, 6 February 2024.

Players need to head over to the STFC webstore and use the code to claim 10 NX-01 blueprints. Keep in mind that you need to have a valid Scopely account to claim the blueprints.

Once you have logged into your account, open the “Redeem’’ menu and type ‘NX01’ into the code section to claim the blueprints.

That being said, some Commanders have revealed that they are not eligible to use the code. This may be attributable to the fact that only players level 40 and higher can construct the NX-01.

Officer PIC Hugh

As previously mentioned, the only way that you can source the new officer, PIC Hugh, is through the NX-01.

It is worth noting that the greater the tier of your NX-01, the more shards you will receive. Similarly to other officers in STFC, PIC Hugh has the following abilities:

Ability Description
Officer Ability: Plan for the Future Increases the amount of raw Gas, Crystal and Ore collected while mining with any ship by an additional percent. This does not drain the mining node faster.
Below Deck Ability: Reclaiming Lives When a round concludes, this ability repairs a certain percentage of hull damage taken during that round of combat.

NX-01’s loop

Several vessels in STFC have loops that players can follow to acquire unique items. To begin NX-01’s loop, you have to use a Travel Token to fly to Tokened Delphic Expanse systems where you will have to destroy Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.

If you vanquish them, you will receive Xindi Tech Modules, which can be used in the NX–01’s refinery to earn Opportunity Chips.

Commanders can either use their Opportunity Chips to take a risky or safe reward path, both of which reward you with various amounts of Ex-Borg Faction Credits.

Once you have obtained the Credits, you can use them to purchase Ex-Borg Favors and Faction Bundles. However, you can also use the Credits to upgrade the NX-01.

Players then have to exchange Xindi Scraps for Delphix Expanse Travel Tokens in order to repeat the loop to earn additional resources.

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