STFC: Encrypted Transmission Hoshi

Even though Hoshi makes deciphering the messages easier in STFC’s Encrypted Transmission event, it is not mandatory to use her.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players can now participate in the Build the Universal Translator event which requires that you complete 5 Encrypted Transmission events.

According to the description, you have to translate Klingon dialects to follow any leads and earn rewards.

Since translating the dialects can be extremely difficult, players can use Hoshi Sato, who will assist you with the translation of these communications. With her assistance, you will be able to identify what the Klingon are asking to do.

STFC: Encrypted Transmission Hoshi
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Although Hoshi Sato will make progressing in the event much easier, it is not mandatory that you use her to enjoy the event.

However, players who have collected Hoshi can use her to translate the messages. If you are interested in obtaining Hoshi, you can participate in a range of events to earn her character shards.

On the official STFC Discord channel, a Moderator named Cand1e mentioned that players cannot fully unlock Hoshi for free.

This essentially means that you have to use real money to purchase additional character shards to fully unlock Hoshi.

Since Hoshi can only be procured using real money, several Commanders have decided to not collect and use her to decipher the Klingon’s messages.

Hoshi Sato’s abilities

Even though Hoshi plays an important role in the Encrypted Transmission events, players can still use her to vanquish hostiles from the galaxy.

Similarly to other officers, she has various abilities, which are:

Type Name Description
Officer Outside the Box She increases the Cargo size of the ship by 20%
Below Decks Strange Ideas Hoshi increases Gas mining speed by 50% of base statistics

It is noteworthy that you can upgrade her abilities to increase its effects. For instance, at rank 5, Hoshi increases gas mining speed by 500%.

Hoshi’s Linguacode

Scopely recently announced that they have managed to obtain a fraction of Hoshi’s Linguacode, which may help you decipher the translation.

Some of the lingo that you can encounter is as follows:

Klingon lingo Translation
‘oh It / The
‘etlh Blade
buq Pocket, bag
DeS Arm
ghargh Worm / spineless creature
Hut Nine
IalDan Religious Place / Monastery
Mut Species / Race
nuqDaq Where
qapla Success / Victory
Qaw’qonwl Destroyed by / crushed by
Qu’vatlh A hundred Tasks
SeQ Ceremony
Yol Conflict

Encrypted Transmission I

STFC players can currently complete Encrypted Transmission I to earn rewards. Although Hoshi will make translating the messages much easier, you do not have to use her.

However, the following table lists the details about Encrypted Transmission 1:

Number Details
1 Translate Klingon message in the event description for a clue with a dictionary (Keep clicking to display the translation).
2 Where Archer met Sarin (Keep clicking to uncover the answer to this trivia)
3 Investigate Rigel X in the Rigel System (Examine the popup)
4 Score by gaining power through ship XP or research

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