STFC: Encrypted Transmission 4

Encrypted Transmission 4 in STFC requires players to help Alliance members reduce their timers and donate resources to their Alliance.

Star Trek Fleet Command players can now participate in the Build the Universal Translator event. This event requires that you translate a Klingon message on a daily basis to earn rich rewards.

STFC: Encrypted Transmission 4
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The 4th Encrypted Transmission event began on Thursday, 14 March 2024 and will conclude on Friday, 15 March 2024.

During this time, you have to translate a message, which reads, “ngo’juH lalDan Qaw’qonwl’ Andorian.

If you translate this message, you will discover leads that you have to follow to identify the task that you have to complete in order to earn points.

To translate the message, simply click on it several times to uncover the translation. You will then discover that “Ancient Monastery destroyed by Andorians.” Players can keep clicking to uncover the answer to this trivia.

Commanders will then find that they have to investigate the Vulcan Monastery, which is in the P’jem system.

You have to examine the popup menu to find out which task you have to complete to earn points and complete the event. Players must help Alliance members or contribute to the Alliance.

How to help your Alliance

It is worth noting that you can only complete this task if you are part of an Alliance. Alliance members can ask for help with anything that has a timer, such as constructing a building or repairing a ship.

You can  open the Alliance menu and see which members have asked for help. You can then help other members to reduce the timer on their construction.

Additionally, you can contribute resources to the Alliance to help your team evolve. Every level up will allow your Alliance to add more members and to increase the Alliance Help limit.


If you help a member of your Alliance and contribute resources, you will complete the Encrypted Transmission 4 mission.

STFC players will be awarded with Enterprise Coins and a Missing Translation. The Enterprise Coins can be exchanged for a variety of items in the event shop.

You can purchase officer shards and ship blueprints, but gamers should keep in mind that this shop is only available for a certain period of time.

Encrypted Transmission 5

The Build the Universal Translator will conclude on Saturday, 16 March 2024, which has several players thinking that Encrypted Transmission 5 will be the final event which requires that you translate a mission.

The event will only become available when Encrypted Transmission 4 concludes.

Unfortunately, Scopely is yet to release the message that you have to translate as well as the task you have to complete.

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