STFC: Encrypted Transmission 3

To complete STFC’s Encrypted Transmission 3, players have to travel to the Coridan system and vanquish enemies.

Build the Universal Translator – SMS event in Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites Commanders level 10 and higher to complete a series of Encrypted Transmission events.

Encrypted Transmission 3 began on Wednesday, 13 March 2024 and it will conclude on Thursday, 14 March 2024.

STFC: Encrypted Transmission 3
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During this time, you have to translate a message and follow the leads to determine how to earn points for the event. The message that you have to translate reads, “Itlh ‘ach yol. nuqDaq qut ‘oh, vulqan je Andorian yol.”

Although players are not forced to use Hoshi to translate this message, her recruit would be invaluable. If you are not interested in recruiting Hoshi, click the message numerous times to reveal the clue along with a dictionary.

This will reveal a message that reads, “But conflict is advanced. Where Crystal, Vulcan and Andorian conflict.”

Commanders must keep clicking on the description to uncover the answer to this trivia. You will then discover that you have to investigate Coridan Prime, which can be found in the Coridan system.

The popup will disclose that you have to score points by destroying hostiles.

How to procure Hoshi

Hoshi can translate the messages from the Klingon with little effort, which makes her extremely useful during this event.

If you are interested in obtaining her, you have to participate in numerous events to earn her character shards.

However, you cannot fully unlock Hoshi for free, which indicates that you have to spend real money in STFC to add her to your officer collection.

Several players have decided that they will rather translate the messages on their own instead of spending real money to procure Hoshi.


Regardless of whether you use Hoshi to translate the message or not, all players will receive the same rewards. You will receive an abundance of Enterprise Coins as well as a Missing Translation.

Enterprise Coins is an event currency which allows you to purchase a variety of items, including officer shards and ship blueprints from the in-game store.

STFC Commanders should note that some items are more valuable than others and therefore, they require more Enterprise Coins.

Encrypted Transmission 4

The Encrypted Transmission events are released on a daily basis while the main event is active.

This, unfortunately, means that the following event, Encrypted Transmission 4 has not been released yet. However, it is scheduled for release on Friday, 15 March 2024.

Since the event is yet to be released, we do not know what message you will have to translate and which tasks you will have to complete.

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