STFC: Encrypted Transmission 2

If you progress in STFC’s Encrypted Transmission 2, you will discover that Tucker became pregnant while spending time with a Xyrillian.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) players level 10 and higher were able to participate in the Encrypted Transmission 2 event. This event began on Tuesday, 12 March 2024 and concluded on Wednesday, 13 March 2024.

During this time, you had to translate a Klingon message to discover clues, which allowed you to follow leads.

While following the leads, players had to complete unique tasks in order to earn points for this event. The message that players had to translate reads, “bISolnISbe’taH Hot ghap Soh Lah moj yatlh.”

STFC: Encrypted Transmission 2
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According to the event description, Hoshi Sato’s recruit would have proven invaluable, as she is able to translate the messages with ease.

Unfortunately, Hoshi can only be recruited with real money and therefore, several players decided not to acquire her.

This did not prevent players from enjoying the event though. While the event was active, you simply had to click on the message several times to uncover the translation, which was, “Beware Hot ghap SoH Lah moj pregnant!”

Players have to follow the leads to figure out the tasks that you have to do to complete the event.


Players had to continue clicking on the message to uncover the lead, “Becoming pregnant you feel / you can become pregnant.”

By investigating the clue further, players found that Trip Tucker became pregnant while spending time with a Xyrillian.

Commanders had to investigate Xyrillia in the Xyrillia system, and they had to examine the popup to find out which task they had to complete.

To earn points for this event, you had to complete ATAs or spend trait experience points.


By completing the tasks, players received a specific number of points, which essentially determined the rewards that they received.

STFC players received an abundance of Enterprise Coins as well as a Missing Translation.

The Enterprise Coins can be used to purchase rare and valuable items in the event store, but keep in mind that it is a limited-time currency, which means that you only have a specific amount of time to purchase the items that you want.

Build the Universal Translator – SMS

Commanders should remember that the Encrypted Transmission missions are part of the Build the Universal Translator – SMS.

This event consists of various mini-events which require that you translate a Klingon message, follow the leads and complete tasks.

The Encrypted Transmission mini-events are released on a daily basis, and you only have a day to complete them, which is why Encrypted Transmission 2 is no longer available.

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