STFC: Encrypted Transmission 1

While STFC’s Encrypted Transmission 1 was active, Commanders had to translate a Klingon message and follow the leads to earn rewards

Scopely, Star Trek Fleet Command’s developer, regularly hosts in-game events that players can enjoy to earn rich rewards.

Commanders can now participate in the Build the Universal Translator event, which requires that you complete a series of mini-events.

One of the mini-events that you were able to enjoy is Encrypted Transmission 1, which began on Monday, 11 March 2024 and concluded on Tuesday, 12 March 2024.

During this time, you had to translate a description and follow the leads to find out how to score in this event. The description you had to translate reads, “nuqDaq ‘oH Archer qep Sarin”.

Since this is a Klingon dialect, it is nearly impossible to identify any keywords, but players who have Hoshi in their collection, would have had an easier time translating the description.

On the official STFC Discord server, several players have asked what the translation is in order to progress in the event. Fortunately, there is a channel on the server dedicated to event tips and spoilers.

Commanders who are struggling to translate the messages, or who simply are not up for the task of translating the messages, can view the answers in this channel.

STFC: Encrypted Transmission I
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According to STFC Discord moderator, Cand1e, you have to click on the translation several times in the event description to reveal the clue along with a dictionary.

Once the message is revealed, follow the leads to complete the event. Players can consider the following table to follow the leads:

Number Description
2 Where Archer met Sarin: Keep clicking to uncover the answer to this trivia
3 Investigate Rigel X in the Rigel system: Players have to examine the popup
4 Earn points for this event by gaining power through research of ship experience points


If you completed the Encrypted Transmission 1 event, you were able to earn points, which essentially determined the rewards that you earned.

STFC players who participated in the event received Enterprise Coins, but the number of coins you earned was determined by the amount of points you procured.

This limited-time event currency can be used to purchase valuable items in the event store. That being said, some items require more coins than others as they are more valuable.

You can therefore either purchase less valuable items, or collect enough coins to purchase rare items.

Will Encrypted Transmission 1 return to STFC?

As previously explained, the Encrypted Transmission 1 event has concluded, but since there are several Encrypted Transmission events available, you can still enjoy the events.

That being said, the Encrypted Transmission events are released on a daily basis during the Build the Universal Translator event. You therefore have to translate a message every day while the main event is active.

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