STFC: Earning Temporal Disruptors

STFC players can earn Temporal Disruptors by claiming a Daily Bundle and by defeating Silent Enemies in the new systems.

A recent Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) update introduced Temporal Disruptors, but since this item’s release, several Commanders have been curious about how to earn them.

Simply put, you can earn a certain number of Temporal Disruptors every day by claiming the Daily Bundle of Temporal Disruptors from the Ex-Borg Faction Store.

Players who are interested in obtaining additional Temporal Disruptors have to use their Silent Nebula Tokens to travel to Silent Nebula systems.

If you explore these systems, you will encounter Silent Enemies and if you vanquish them, you will earn Temporal Disruptor parts.

Earning Temporal Disruptors in STFC
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You can exchange these parts for reward chests, which contain Temporal Disruptors. Once you have accumulated enough Temporal Disruptors, you can open the Artifact section of the in-game store to unlock Temporal Artifacts.

If you unlock Temporal Artifacts, you will unlock a variety of buffs and bonuses for your fleet. Similarly to other Artifacts, Temporal Artifacts can be upgraded to increase their effects.

That being said, you need to obtain additional Temporal Disruptors to upgrade your Temporal Artifacts.

It is noteworthy that only players who have reached OPS level 38 will be able to unlock and upgrade Temporal Artifacts.

Several Commanders believe that if they are below level 38, they can still destroy Silent Enemies to stack their Temporal Artifact Parts, however, this is impossible.

This is because Silent Enemies are extremely difficult to vanquish and only players level 40 and higher should attempt to vanquish them.

Silent Enemies

In order to acquire additional Temporal Disruptors, you can defeat Silent Enemies. These hostiles are not only incredibly challenging, but they are also very rewarding.

Unlike the other enemies in STFC, these hostiles feature the following buffs:

  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Floor
  • Burning

These enemies can only be found in Silent Nebula Systems and to access these systems, you have to use a Silent Nebula Token.

Players can earn these Tokens by claiming the Daily Bundle in the Ex-Borg Faction Store.

Temporal Artifacts

Once you have acquired enough Temporal Disruptors, you can unlock the new Temporal Artifacts. The following table lists some of the Artifacts that you can unlock and upgrade:

Name Description
Orb of the Emissary Increases Critical Chance when on an Explorer fighting an Interceptor
Nero’s Trident Increases all Officer stats
Temporal Observatory Increases base Warp Speed for all ships

Temporal Artifact Shard Hunter

To celebrate the arrival of Temporal Disruptors, STFC players can participate in the Temporal Artifact Shard Hunter.

This event kicked off on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 and will conclude on Friday, 8 March 2023. During this time, players had to earn Temporal Disruptors to earn points.

The number of points you earned during the event determines the rewards you will earn.

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