STFC: Dixon Hill event

To celebrate the arrival of Dixon Hill in STFC, you can participate in the Private Investigator event, which requires gamers to solve a range of cases.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series. This means that you can encounter iconic characters, ships, and locations in the game, just like those in the series.

There are occasional in-game events that you can participate in to earn rewards, one of which is the Dixon Hill event, known as Private Investigator.

Who is Dixon Hill?

Dixon Hill is a metafictional detective in the Star Trek series. He was the lead character in the Dixon Hill series of novels as well as their later film and holonovel adaptations.

Hill was Jean-Luc Picard’s childhood hero, and continued to be one after Picard became the captain of the USS Enterprise-D.

Captivated by the two-fisted gumshoe, he programmed a holodeck simulation of the character. Picard was able to explore his fascination with Hill after the Enterprise-D holodecks upgrade in 2364.

The adventures were set in San Francisco, California, 1941, where players were able to assume the role of investigator Dixon Hill.

STFC: Dixon Hill event

Update M53 was released on Tuesday, 4 April 2023, and it introduced several new features. Players can now acquire the great detective, Dixon Hill. To celebrate the arrival of the rare officer, players can participate in the Private Investigator event.

STFC: Dixon Hill event

The event allows you to put on the shoes of the great Detective Dixon Hill and solve cases for people in need. The event commenced on Monday, 10 April 2023, and it will conclude on Thursday, 13 April 2023.

During this time, you have to answer questions by completing certain tasks. However, you can only unlock case #2 once you have completed case #1. In total, there are 4 cases you need to solve while the event is active.

Players only receive rewards once they have completed all 4 cases. It is undetermined whether you will receive rewards if you choose the incorrect answer or not. At the moment of writing this, only 2 cases have been revealed.

The cases are revealed throughout the course of the event. This means that case #1 became available on the first day and the second case only became available on the second day of the event.

Since it is the third day of the event, the third case will become available during the day.

You have to use the given clues to answer the question, but you need to complete a given task in order to complete the question.

Some of the clues are quite difficult to solve, but if you struggle to find the answer, you can head to the official STFC Discord, as all the answers are revealed in the “Event Tips and Spoilers” channel.

Dixon Hill case #1

The first case, which was unlocked on the first day of the event, reads, “What do the systems Kayojui,, Yesop, Veias and Xabek have in common?”

There are 4 possible answers to this question, however, to get the correct answer, you have to defeat 15 hostiles in the level 10 system, Friefra. If you defeat the enemies, you will be able to complete case #2 the following day.

It is unknown whether you will receive your rewards immediately after defeating the enemies or how long you will have to wait if there is a waiting period.

However, the event’s description states that you will only receive rewards once you have completed all 4 cases.

Dixon Hill case #2

Once you have completed case #1, you will unlock case #2. It reveals that enemies are hiding in a system, which is named after an Enterprise officer. This officer was tasked with finding strange  new worlds.

In order to answer this question, you need to use the clue and vanquish 15 enemies within a specific system.

As with case #1, there are 4 possible answers for case #2, but the correct answer is Una, which is a level 9 system. Players therefore have to kill 15 enemies in Una, which is quite an easy task.

Dixon Hill case #3

The third case of the Dixon Hill event’s description states, “As you get ready to leave for the day, putting on your hat and jacket, a letter is slipped under the door of Dixon Hill’s office.” This letter is a hint that you can use to solve the case.

The hint read, ““To Dixon Hill, a problem for you to solve, my enemies are hiding in a system that is a ‘comparative of late’ and ‘at some time after a given time.’ It is home to hub Bevod and Hexay.”

To solve this case, you have to vanquish 15 hostiles in Later.

Dixon Hill case #4

In the final case of the Dixon Hill event, you receive a package that contains a large dove. The letter attached to the dove reveals that enemies are hiding ‘opposite of the dove.’

To solve this case, players have to destroy 15 enemies in the LittleDove system.

Officer Dixon Hill

Dixon Hill is now available as a rare officer in STFC. He has 2 abilities that can influence your gameplay. The following table describes his abilities:

Ability type Ability Description
Below Deck Ability Digging the Dirt He increases your mining speed by a certain percentage. As you increase his level, the percentage by which he increases your mining speed will increase.
Officer Ability The Dixon Deflection While defending a mining node, he reduces the opponent’s shield mitigation every round. The percentage of shield reduction increases as you increase Hill’s level.

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