STFC: Disarray Unleashed Mission

Disarray Unleashed is a limited-time event in STFC, but it can only be enjoyed by Commanders who completed the Heroes and Villains mission.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, vanquish hostiles and expand your fleet.

To progress in the game, you can enjoy a variety of space-based missions with unique objectives that you have to complete to earn rewards.

Disarray Unleashed Mission

The latest STFC update introduced numerous new aspects that Commanders can enjoy. The update also introduced 16 new missions you can complete to earn valuable rewards.

However, the Disarray Unleashed Mission has caused some confusion among players as it is not an actual mission.

Disarray Unleashed – SMS is a limited time event which requires that players complete certain activities to earn points. The number of points that you earn determines the rewards you will receive.

The event’s official description discloses that the plan is to orchestrate a series of temporal disruptions across the galaxy, intending to facture the timeline and create potential realities in which you reign supreme.

STFC: Disarray Unleashed Mission
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To score in this event, players have to gain power through Research, Defense, Platforms, Buildings and Drydocks. Commanders should note that they only have until Tuesday, 14 November 2023 to enjoy this event.

Once the event concludes, it will be removed from STFC, so you will no longer be able to complete the tasks to score points.


While the Disarray Unleashed – SMS event is active, you have to complete activities to earn points.

You essentially have to complete research, upgrade the buildings within your starbase, increase your defenses and upgrade platforms and drydocks.

The following table lists how many points you can earn for completing specific activities:

Activity Points
Power via Research 15 points
Power via Defense Platforms 20 points
Power via Buildings and Drydocks 40 points

Why some players cannot find the Disarray Unleashed event

As previously explained, update 60 introduced numerous quests, one of which is Heroes and Villains. As you progress in this quest, you have to decide whether you want to be a hero or a villain.

This decision determines your role in various future events in which you can participate.

Allegedly, only Commanders who have completed the Heroes and Villains mission can participate in the Disarray Unleashed event. If you are yet to complete this mission, you will not be able to find this event in your event menu.

We recommend that you complete this mission as soon as possible to be able to participate in upcoming events.

Who can participate in the Disarray Unleashed event?

According to the event description, STFC Commanders level 10 and higher can participate in Disarray Unleashed.

However, to enjoy this event, you have to complete the Heroes and Villains quest, which requires a warp range of 5 to be completed.

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