STFC: Delta Data Answers

During STFC’s Delta Adversary event, you have to use the clues to solve the Delta Data puzzles, however, finding the answers can be difficult.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling video game that invites players to explore a fictional space realm. In addition to completing missions, you can participate in occasional events.

At the time of writing this, the Delta Adversary event is active. During this event, gamers have to answer the Delta Data questions, though players are curious to know the answers.

STFC: Delta Data Answers

You have to use the image displayed on the question to locate the systems of the Delta Data SMS event.

STFC: Delta Data 6
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The first Delta Data question’s image is displayed at a normal angle, but Delta Data 2 and 3’s images are rotated, which makes it difficult to locate their systems.

If you are struggling to find the systems, you can use the following:

Delta Data question Answers
Delta Data 1
  • Players level 26 and higher have to travel to Lainey.
  • If you are below level 26, you have to travel to Dyrr.
Delta Data 2
  • If you are level 26 or higher, you have to travel to Ferenigar.
  • Players below level 26 have to travel to Suqigor.
Delta Data 3
  • Players level 26 and higher have to travel to Nasturta.
  • If you are below level 26, you have to travel to Yoki Neesh.
Delta Data 4
  • Commanders level 26 or higher should head to Kuzukoh.
  • If you are below level 26, you should travel to Kito.
Delta Data 5
  • Players level 26 and higher have to travel to Aletara.
  • Commanders below level 26 have to travel to Kejal.
Delta Data 6
  • To complete this Delta Data, players have to open the event store, where they will have to choose between Offensive and Diplomatic.

As shown in the table, players below level 26 can still participate in this event if they travel to another system to complete it. Although you have to travel to another system, you will still receive rewards.

Offensive vs Diplomatic

When you reach Delta Data 6, you have to choose how you want to deal with the forces of the Delta Quadrant. By selecting Diplomatic, you have to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces.

Furthermore, you can expect events tailored around your officers, stations, away-team missions and gathering resources.

However, if you select Offensive, you have to prepare your fleet for a battle against the forces of the Delta Quadrant. This option revolves around your fleet, researching and defeating hostiles in the Delta Quadrant.


Currently, players can enjoy the Voyager Arc in STFC. Throughout this arc, there will be various events. you will receive Diplomatic and Offensive Protocol Commendations if you participate in the Delta Adversary events.

Once the arc ends, you can use the Commendations to unlock unique, limited-time rewards. The number of Commendations you earn will determine the rewards you get. Thus, you should procure as many Commendations as possible.

Scanning Hailing Frequencies

To get information about the mysterious perpetrator, you have to scan the system with Hailing Frequencies. Players can acquire their Scanning Hailing Frequencies feature from the Voyager Arc in the “Gift” tab.

Once you are in a system, ensure that you activate Hailing Frequencies in your settings. If it is activated, select your ship, and then tap on the hand next to the  “Locate” option.

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