STFC: Delta Data 6

To complete STFC’s Delta Data 6, you have to open the Event Store, which requires you to choose between Diplomacy and Offense.

In this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you can build ships, defeat enemies, complete space-based missions and harvest resources.

In addition to following the main questline, you can participate in several events. The Delta Adversary event consists of several SMS’ that you have to solve, such as Delta Data 6.

STFC: Delta Data 6

For Delta Data 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, players had to use the given image to find the system they had to travel to. Once at the system, they had to use their hailing frequencies scanner to find information about the mysterious perpetrator.

However, once you reach Delta Data 6, you will notice that it differs from the previous Delta Data as there are no systems you have to explore and scan. This has caused some confusion amongst players as they are uncertain what to do.

In order to complete Delta Data 6, you have to open the Event Store menu. In this menu, players have to choose whether they want to be Offensive or Diplomatic.

Keep in mind that this choice determines the actions you have to take during the event.  Although the actions for Offensive and Diplomatic differ, players will still receive rewards for their efforts.

STFC: Delta Data 6
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Offensive vs. Diplomatic

Players who choose Diplomacy have to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant.

By selecting Diplomacy, you can expect events tailored around your officers, stations, away-team assignments and gathering resources.

However, if you select Offensive, you need to prepare your military strength for battle with the forces with the Delta Quadrant. You can expect events tailored around your fleet, researching and defeating enemies in the Delta Quadrant.

What should you choose?

Unfortunately, STFC players cannot be neutral in this event. This means that you have to choose whether you want to be Offensive or Diplomatic.

Regardless of what you choose, you will still receive rewards, however, the rewards differ for each choice.

If you select Offensive, you will receive Offensive Protocol Commendations and if you select Diplomacy, you will receive Diplomatic Protocol Commendations.

These commendations can be used to procure unique rewards when the arc concludes.

The decision between Offensive and Diplomatic is ultimately based on your personal preference.

Subprotocol Alpha

The Subprotocol Alpha event will begin on Saturday, 27 May 2023. The tasks you have to complete during this event are determined by the choice you made.

If you choose Diplomacy, you can gain power by upgrading your Station or by spending Officer Experience Points.

If you select Offensive, you can gain power by upgrading your Research and by using Ship Experience Points.

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