STFC: Delta Data 5

To complete STFC’s Delta Data 5, you either have to travel to Kejal or Aletara, depending on your level, to perform the scan.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) invites you to explore a fictional space realm in which you can expand your fleet, complete missions, build ships and recruit officers.

Additionally, you can participate in numerous in-game events, one of which is Delta Adversary. This event consists of different categories, such as Delta Data 5.

STFC: Delta Data 5

The Delta Quadrant is full of mystery and danger. As the Voyager explores the labyrinth of uncharted space, STFC’s forces in the Alpha Quadrant face an antithetical problem at home: confronting new otherworldly threats.

During the Delta Adversary arc event, players have to use the hidden clues to figure out in which systems they have to use their hailing frequencies.

Delta Data 5 reveals that the Voyager’s crew were able to decrypt data off a demolished Borg cube discovered in the Delta Quadrant.

You have to use Delta Data 5’s image in order to find the systems you have to travel to. By looking at the image, you will see that a specific system is surrounded by a yellow circle. You have to figure out which system it is and head to it.

However, the system you have to travel to is determined by your current level. If you are below level 26, you have to travel to the level 10 system, Kejal. However, if you are level 26 or higher, you have to head to the level 31 system, Aletara.

STFC: Delta Data 5
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Delta Data 5 Location

Although you can use the system search option to find Kejal and Aletara, some STFC players are determined to find the systems without using the system search option.

Kejal can be found south of Alecto, which is a level 40 system. It is below the gigantic borg cube, southwest of Federation space.

Aletara on the other hand, can be found in Klingon space – it is connected to Hoeven, which is a level 27 system.

Hailing Frequency scanner

Whether you have to travel to Aletara or Kejal, you still have to use your Hailing Frequency Scanner.

In order to use this scanner, you have to ensure that you have activated the scanner in your settings. After activating the scanner, you have to select your ship and click on the icon that looks like a hand.

The scan will complete automatically and once it’s complete, you will be able to continue to the next Delta Data category.


By participating in the Delta Adversary event throughout the Voyager arc, you will be able to choose Diplomatic or Offensive Protocol Commendations. You can use the commendations to acquire unique rewards when the arc concludes.

It is impossible to know what rewards you can unlock as the arc is still active. However, you will supposedly receive rich rewards that cannot be procured elsewhere in the game.

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