STFC: Delta Data 4

STFC players have to travel to a specific system in order to solve the Delta Data SMS 4 mystery, however the system depends on your level.

Players can follow the Kelvin Chronology of the classic series, Star Trek, in this adventurous video game Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

In addition to following the main questline, you can enjoy several game modes and participate in numerous events. One of such events is the Delta Adversary event, which consists of Data 4.

STFC: Delta Data 4

During STFC’s Delta Adversary event, you have to use hidden clues to figure out which system you have to visit.

Delta Data 4 reveals, “We have received a highly classified docket of intelligence from the crew of the Voyager. They were able to partially decrypt the data off a demolished Borg cube discovered in the Delta Quadrant.”

The data illustrates star charts of the Alpha Quadrant. Players have to use them to pinpoint the systems of interest and use scanners in the systems to see if they can find any information on the mysterious offender.

Players should therefore use Delta Data 4’s image to find the systems they need to travel to. That being said, you should note that the image is rotated, which makes it extremely difficult to find the systems.

We recommend that you rotate the image back to its original position to find the systems.

STFC: Delta Data 4
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Delta Data 4 SMS

You should note that if you are level 26 and higher, you have to travel to the level 29 system, Kuzukoh. However, if you are below level 26, you have to travel to the level 9 system, Kito.

This feature was put into place to ensure that low level players can still enjoy the event and receive rewards.

To travel to Kito, you need a warp range of 5, which can easily be reached even at a low level. However, Kuzukoh requires a warp range of 24, which low level players cannot reach.


STFC players have to participate in the Delta Adversary events throughout the Voyager Arc to earn Diplomatic and Offensive Protocol Commendations.

You can use these commendations to procure unique, limited-time rewards. However, players can only claim these rewards when the arc concludes.

Since the arc is still active, it is impossible to determine which rewards you can obtain for participating in the event. That being said, you will supposedly receive rich rewards that cannot be acquired elsewhere in the game.

Previous Delta Data Answers

If you are struggling to solve the previous Delta Data SMS’ you can use the following:

Question Systems
  • Players level 26 and higher should travel to Lainey.
  • Commanders below level 26 have to travel to Dyrr.
  • If you are above level 26, you have to travel to Ferenigar.
  • Players below level 26 should travel to Suqigor.
  • Commanders level 26 and higher have to travel to Nasturta.
  • If you are below level 26, you should travel to Yoki Neesha.

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