STFC: Delta Data 3

In STFC, you can complete several events, including Delta Adversary, which requires that players complete Delta Data 3.

Players can encounter classic characters, ships and locations in this exploration video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

In addition to completing the game’s main storyline, you can participate in several events, such as the Delta Adversary, which features Delta Data 3.

STFC: Delta Data 3

During the Delta Adversary event, players have to choose whether they want to be diplomatic or offensive. If you choose to be diplomatic, you have to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant.

However, if you choose to be offensive, you have to prepare your fleet to try to vanquish the forces from the Delta Quadrant. If you participate in this event, you must complete Delta Data, which consists of several parts.

In order to complete Delta Data 3, players have to follow the clues to find the system to acquire information about the mysterious perpetrator.

Keep in mind that you first have to procure the Voyager Arc in the Gift tab to get the Scanning Hailing Frequency, which can be used to scan the system for information.

To find the system, players have to use the image in order to locate the system. Unlike Delta Data 1, the image for Delta Data 3 is rotated, which makes it difficult to find the system.

STFC: Delta Data 3
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Delta Data 3 SMS

As mentioned, you need to use the image displayed in Delta Data 3 to find the correct system to scan. Several gamers claim that they are struggling to locate the system. If you are level 26 and higher, you have to travel to the level 26 system, Nasturta.

If your level is below 26, you can still participate in the event. Instead of traveling to Nasturta, you have to travel to the level 9 system, Yoki Neesh, to procure the information.


In order to earn rewards, players have to participate in Delta Adversary events throughout the Voyager Arc to earn Offensive and Diplomatic Protocol Commendations.

STFC players can use these commendations to unlock unique, limited-time rewards when the arc concludes.

Since the arc is still active, it is impossible to determine which rewards you will receive for your participation. However, you will allegedly receive rich rewards that cannot be acquired elsewhere in the game.

Previous Delta Data

The Delta Data event has parts, each of which requires players to travel to different systems. The table below outlines the answers to the other Delta Data SMSs:

Question Systems
  • Lainey (operations level 26 and higher)
  • Dyrr ( operations below level 26)
  • Ferenigar (operations level 26 and higher)
  • Suqigor (operations below level 26)

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