STFC: Delta Data 2

Delta Data 2 requires STFC players to travel to a specific system, which is determined by your current level, to find information about enemies.

Players can test their tactical abilities in this thrilling video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). As the game’s name implies, it is based on the classic Star Trek franchise, so you can enjoy space-themed missions and activities.

Moreover, you can participate in in-game events like the Delta Adversary event. During this event, players have to complete Delta Data 2.

STFC: Delta Data 2

The Delta Data 2 event is part of the Delta Adversary event, during which you have to decide whether you want to be Offensive or Diplomatic.

If you choose to be Diplomatic, you have to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant.

You can expect events to be tailored to your officers, away-team missions, station and harvesting resources. However, if you select offense, you must prepare your squad to destroy hostels and armadas in the Delta Quadrant.

The Delta Adversary event contains several phases which require players to solve a puzzle.

In Delta Data 2 SMS, players have to use the given hints to travel to the correct system and use their Scanning Hailing Frequency to collect intel about the mysterious enemy.

Moreover, you have to redeem the Voyager Arc in the gift section of STFC to obtain the Scanning Hailing Frequency before attempting to solve the puzzle.

STFC: Delta Data 2
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Delta Data 2 SMS

Although the Delta Data 2 SMS image may seem irrelevant, it is extremely useful. If you zoom into the picture, you will notice that the space featured in it has been rotated by 90 degrees.

In order to solve this puzzle, players must find the space region in the picture in the galaxy in STFC.

Gamers should keep in mind that the space region is rotated, which makes it more difficult to find the actual region in the game.

Delta Data 2 SMS Answer

Since the space region is rotated, numerous players are struggling to locate the region in the game. If your operations are level 26 or higher, you have to travel to the level 25 system, Ferenigar.

If you are below level 26, you can still complete this task, but you have to travel to the level 9 system, Suqigor.

When you arrive in the system, use your Scanning Hailing Frequency to scan the system for information about the mysterious enemy.

How to use the Hailing Frequency scanner

After arriving in a system, STFC players have to use their Hailing Frequency scanner to search for information.

Players have to ensure that they have Hailing Frequencies activated in their settings. Then, you have to select your ship and tap on the hand next to the “Locate” option.

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