STFC: Delta Data 1

Players can now participate in STFC’s Delta Adversary arc event during which you have to solve various puzzles, including Delta Data 1.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) follows the Kelvin chronology of the well-renowned series, Star Trek. You can encounter the same iconic characters, ships and locations in the game as those in the franchise.

In addition to following the main storyline, you also can participate in events such as Delta Data.

STFC: Delta Data 1

STFC players can now participate in the Delta Adversary arc event. During this event, you have to decide how to deal with new visitors from the Delta Quadrant.

Commanders who choose Diplomacy will try to communicate and negotiate peace with the forces.

If you select Diplomacy, you can experience events which are tailored to your officers, station, AT assignments and harvesting resources.

However if you select Offense, you need to prepare your troops for battle with the forces from the Delta Quadrant.

Players who chose Offense have to vanquish hostiles and armadas in the Delta Quadrant. Keep in mind that this event comprises several parts. Players have to complete all of these parts to earn unique, limited-time rewards at the end of the arc.

In  the first part of the Delta Data event, players have to solve the puzzle. Furthermore, you have to redeem the Voyager Arc in the gift tab in order to gain the Scanning Hailing Frequency.

STFC: Delta Data 1
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Delta Data 1 SMS

Players level 10 and higher can participate in the Delta Data event. The first question in the event is, “We have received a highly classified docket of intelligence from the crew of the Voyager.

They were able to partially decrypt the data off a demolished Borg cube, discovered in the Delta Quadrant. These appear to be star charts of the Alpha Quadrant.”

Players must use the star charts to pinpoint the systems of interest and use scanners in the system to see if you can find information about the mysterious perpetrator.

Delta Data 1 SMS answer

Unfortunately, players must  use the given clue to solve the puzzle. We recommend that you attempt to solve it on your own, but if you struggle with this, you can travel to Lainey, which requires an operations level of 27.

If your operations are below level 27, you can still complete the puzzle, but instead of traveling to Lainey, you need to travel to Dyrr, which is a level 9 system.

When will Delta Data 2 SMS unlock?

When you have completed Delta Data 1 SMS, you will notice that Delta Data 2 SMS is still unlocked.

STFC players will allegedly only be able to access the following stage of the event on Saturday, 20 May 2023, so they will have enough time to complete Delta Data 1 without rushing to the next part of the event.

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