STFC: Delta Adversary July 2023

STFC players can continue their space adventure by participating in the Delta Adversary July 2023 event, and new players can also join the fun.

Gamers can test their strategic skills in this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). You have to slay enemies, complete space-based missions, build vessels and participate in events to advance in the game.

There is a variety of events that you can enjoy, such as Delta Adversary July 2023.

STFC: Delta Adversary July 2023

In order to celebrate the arrival of the Delta Quadrant, STFC is hosting a range of Delta Adversary events. From Tuesday, 4 July 2023 to Monday, 24 July 2023 new players can participate in the Delta Adversary Delta Data event.

During this time, you have to choose peace or war to complete events. Veteran players should note that this is a rerun of a previous Delta Data event, therefore, they do not have to complete it.

STFC: Delta Adversary July 2023
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Instead, you can participate in Solo Milestone events to continue your battle for diplomacy or hostility:

Event Activation date Requirements
Delta Adversary Epsilon Monday, 10 July 2023 Only players level 10 and higher can participate in this event
Delta Adversary Zeta Monday, 17 July 2023 Commanders level 10 to 60 can enjoy the event
Delta Adversary Eta Monday, 24 July 2023 If you are yet to reach level 10, you cannot participate in the event.

Delta Data rerun

The Delta Data rerun event gives new players the opportunity to participate in the Delta events. Only players who did not complete it from prior months will receive the full set of events.

Other players will receive the opportunity to complete 1 map before the event is removed from their game.

To complete the objectives, you must travel to the following systems:

Delta Data Ops level 26 and higher Ops level 25 and below
1 Lainey Dyrr
2 Ferenginar Suqigor
3 Nasturta Yoki Neesh
4 Kuzkoh Kito
5 Aletara Kejar

Delta bug

On the official Discord channel, several players have revealed that the rest of the Delta Data SMS’ disappeared from the game after they completed Delta Data 1.

Although several players believe it to be a bug, it was not – the developers intended for the event to disappear.

This is because Scopely does not want players who have already completed the Delta Data event to receive additional rewards, as it will give them an unfair advantage.

The current Delta Data event was created to give new players the opportunity to complete the event.

Where to find the Borg Cube Hailing Frequency

In order to complete the objectives in the Delta Adversary event, STFC players must use the Borg Cube Hailing Frequency. However, some players are unsure where to acquire this item.

We recommend that you open the event store in the game and search the list for the Hailing Frequency. After claiming the item, you can complete the event’s objectives.

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