STFC: Delta Adversary Event

The Delta Adversary Event in STFC requires players to choose whether they want to be diplomatic or offensive, however, the event’s rewards remain the same.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is inspired by the classic Star Trek series. Since it follows the Kelvin chronology of the series, you can encounter similar iconic characters, locations and ships to those in the game.

In addition to following the main arc, you can enjoy  events like the Delta Adversary Event.

STFC: Delta Adversary Event

The Delta Adversary event’s official description reads, “The Delta Quadrant is shrouded in mystery and plagued with danger.

As the Voyager navigates the labyrinth of uncharted space, our forces in the Alpha Quadrant face an antithetical problem at home: confronting new otherworldly threads.”

In this arc, players have to choose how to deal with the new visitors from the Delta Quadrant. Commanders who choose Offense must prepare their fleet for a battle with the forces of the new space region.

By choosing Offense, you can expect events tailored to your fleet, research and defeating enemies.

However if you choose Diplomacy, you have to negotiate peace with the forces from the Delta Quadrant. Commanders can expect events which are tailored to their officers, station, away-team missions and harvesting resources.

Whether you select Offense or Diplomacy, you will still receive rewards. If you participate in Delta Adversary events throughout the Voyager arc, you will earn Diplomatic and Offensive Protocol Commendations.

You can use these Recommendations to unlock limited-time rewards at the end of the arc.

Delta Adversary event answers

In this event, you have to use clues to solve the Delta Data questions. Players can use the image displayed on the Delta Data to locate the system, but if you are struggling to find it, you can use the following:

Delta Data question Answers
  • If you are level 26 or higher, you must travel to Lainey
  • Players below level 26 must travel to Dyrr
  • Players who are level 26 or higher should o travel to Ferenigar
  • If you are below level 26, you must travel to Suqigor
  • Commanders level 26 and higher have to travel to Nasturta
  • Players below level 26 have to travel to Yoki Neesh

Scanning Hailing Frequencies

In the Delta Data menu, you have to scan the system to get information about the unknown enemy. You should use the Scanning Hailing Frequencies to scan the system. Players can acquire this item by opening the “Voyager Arc” tab in the Gift menu.

Once you have the item, activate it in your settings menu. After activating it, you can travel to the system and click on your ship. Next to the “Locate” option, you will find an icon that looks like a hand, which you should select to scan the system.

Offensive or Diplomatic

STFC players choose whether they want to be Offensive or Diplomatic during the Delta Adversary event.

Some players are struggling to decide what they want to be, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Although there are different options, you will receive rewards for participating in the event, regardless of what you choose.

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