STFC: Dastardly Villains trivia

STFC players can test their Star Trek lore knowledge during the Dastardly Villains trivia event, during which you have to complete certain tasks to answer the questions.

Gamers can test their strategic abilities in this exciting video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, you will encounter similar characters, ships, and locations in the game as in the series.

One of the events that you can enjoy is Dastardly Villains, in which you have to answer several questions to earn rewards.

Events in STFC

An in-game event allows players to enjoy STFC for a limited period of time. Generally, you have to complete specific missions or objectives during an event to win amazing rewards.

Since STFC is inspired by the well-renowned Star Trek franchise, the events share a space theme.

Sometimes, the rewards that you can get from an event can only be obtained from that specific event. Therefore, we recommend that you try to participate in every in-game event, but realistically, this is not always possible.

STFC: Dastardly Villains trivia

On Wednesday, 8 March 2023, STFC released the upcoming in-game events, one of which is the Dastardly Villains Trivia. Keep in mind that this event can only be enjoyed by players that are level 20 and higher. Thus, it is classified as a Solo Milestone event.

The event began on Monday, 20 March 2023 and will conclude on Thursday, 23 March 2023. During this time, you can celebrate the return of some of the franchise’s most iconic villains in Star Trek. Moreover, you can score in this event by completing trivia questions.

To access this event, you can open the “Event” tab in the game, where you will find the Dastardly Villains category. There are several questions that you have to answer to accumulate points. The table below lists the questions and their answers:

Question number Question Answer
1 In his first appearance, who did Lore plan to betray the crew of the Enterprise to? B: Kill 20 Swarms
2 Who created the James Moriarty angiogram meant to outwit Data? C: Complete 1 Away Team Assignment
3 Which starship did Khan and his followers hijack in Wrath of Khan? D: Win 2 player-versus-player battles
4 Where is Gul Dukat imprisoned at the end of DS9? C: Mine 200 G2 Crystals
5 Which imperial Starfleet starship did Captain Gabriel command when he attempted his coup? A: Kill 20 Federation Hostiles
STFC: Dastardly Villains trivia
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Star Trek Lore

It is important to note that these trivia questions are based on Star Trek’s lore. This means that if you did not watch any of the Star Trek series’ and movies, you may struggle to answer the trivia questions.

However, if you are a die-hard Star Trek fan, the questions should be relatively easy to complete.

Bear in mind that the questions do not come from one series or movie, instead, they come from several Star Trek series’ and movies, which makes it even more difficult to answer the questions correctly.

How to win 2 player-versus-player battles

One of the tasks that you have to complete for the trivia is to win 2 player-versus-player battles. For regular PvPers, this is not difficult, however if you are one who focuses on player-versus-environment, it may; be a difficult task.

We recommend that you ask chat if someone is willing to lose a PvP match against you in the global. By following this method, you do not have to enter a PvP zone, and you will complete the task very quickly.

If you enter a PvP zone, the chances are high that your ship will be destroyed several times, as there will be stronger players with better ships in that zone.

Will you lose Federation reputation points?

To complete the trivia, you have to kill 20 Federation enemies. Since the Federation is one of STFC’s factions, you will lose reputation points for killing Federation enemies. Therefore, we you should defeat low-level enemies.

For example, if you defeat 20 level 22 Federation enemies in the Vulcan system, you will only lose 240 reputation points. However, if you vanquish higher-level Federation enemies, you will lose more reputation points.

Although you will lose Federation reputation points, it will be easy to get the reputation points back that you lost, especially if you defeat low-level Federation enemies.

It is worth noting that the battles will be quick if your ships have a high level, but you may struggle to defeat enemies if you are on the same level as them.

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