STFC: Dark Space Mission

STFC players have to complete various main missions to unlock Dark Space, however, you have to be at least level 38 to access the missions.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling mobile game that follows the Kelvin chronology of the popular Star Trek franchise.

To advance in the game, you have to complete space-based missions, expand your station, recruit officers and vanquish hostiles.

Dark Space Mission

As you explore the galaxy, you will encounter an array of space systems, one of which is Deep Space – also referred to as Dark Space. Dark Space is the G4+ areas of Klingon, Romulan, Independent and Federation space.

Commanders should remember that Deep Space is under Fog of War, which means that they need to have a ship or base inside the system to be able to view it.

Although you can discover Dark Space, you may not be able to enter the area if your Operations are below level 38.

To get access to Dark Space, you have to complete a series of main missions, which are framed with a Golden Border.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to access these missions if you are not level 38. We therefore recommend that if you are below level 38, you focus on the main missions which are available to you.

STFC: Dark Space Mission
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Players must complete the following missions to get access to Dark Space:

  • Buying Silence
  • Distant Memories
  • Folding
  • Decipher
  • Warzones
  • Syndicated Science
  • Perpetual Motion
  • One of Us
  • Home Worlds
  • City Middle
  • Ancestral Answer
  • Invaluable Asset
  • Power Up
  • The Primeval

To access these quests, you simply have to play through the main missions, though it may take some time before you reach level 38.

One STFC player revealed that he has been playing for 2 years and he is only at level 35. That being said, some players choose to grind the main missions to unlock content faster, but this is not recommended.


Players should note that every mission that they have to complete to unlock Dark Space has unique objectives. The following table lists the objectives of every mission:

Mission Objectives
Buying Silence
  • Go to Yridia
  • Bribe Yursa
Distant Memories
  • Collect 4 Energy Manifolds
  • Investigate the coordinates in the Carraya system
  • Locate the origin of the signal
  • Return to the station
  • Upgrade Operations to level 34
  • Choose which Faction to aid in the Progenitor research
Syndicated Science
  • Travel to Deneva
  • Follow Feyn’s warp tail
  • Conquer the Orion Slaver’s ship
Perpetual Motion
  • Upgrade Operations to level 36
One of Us
  • Acquire a Rank V Commendation from any Faction Store
  • Hunt 15 Hostile ships of level 37 or higher
  • Collect a bounty with any Faction
City Middle
  • Upgrade Operations to level 38
Ancestral Answer
  • Travel to Varraya
  • Return to your Station
  • Travel to Tellar
  • Go to D’Deridex
  • Travel to Gorath
Invaluable Asset
  • Gain favor with a major Faction
Power Up
  • Earn a Commendation Rank VI in the store
The Primeval
  • Go to Nekosa
  • Vanquish the Primeval Ship

Varying objectives

Some of the quests mentioned in the table above give Commanders the opportunity to decide how the quest progresses.

The choices you have to make to complete the quests are listed in the table below:

Quest Options
Warzones You have to decide which faction you want to help in the Progenitor research. Players can help the Klingons, Romulans or the Federation, though it is worth noting that your decision determines the rewards that you will earn.
Homeworlds To complete this quest, you have to collect a bounty with any Faction. You therefore have to take the IDs to the faction that you selected to earn rewards.
Invaluable Asset You have to gain favor with a major Factor, so you have to choose which Faction you want to help in the War. Your decision determines the rewards that you will earn.


If you complete the Dark Space missions, you will earn rich rewards, which are listed below:

Mission Rewards
Buying Silence
  • Parsteel
  • Survey Parts
  • Relocation Token
Distant Memories
  • Parsteel
  • Parsteel
  • Parsteel
Syndicated Science
  • Parsteel
  • Tritanium
Perpetual Motion
  • Parsteel
One of Us
  • Parsteel
  • Premium Recruit Tokens
City Middle
  • Parsteel
Ancestral Answer
  • Ultra Recruit Token
  • Rare Refined Ore
  • Rare Refined Gas
  • Rare Refined Crystal
Power Up
  • Parsteel Tokens
The Primeval
  • Premium Recruit Tokens

Dark Space mission

After completing The Primeval mission, STFC Commanders must complete the Dark Space mission to fully unlock the area.

To complete this quest, you have to donate 10 000 Raw Ore. According to the quest, it is to shore up the hull of your ship before you go into Dark Space.

Once you have completed this mission, you will be able to explore Dark Space, mine G4 Materials and defeat level 42 hostiles.

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