STFC: Dailies by level

The daily missions in STFC differ with each level, but a complete list of all dailies is yet to be released.

You can put your tactical abilities to the test in this exciting mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC). Since the game is based on the Kelvin chronology of the Star Trek series, you will likely encounter similar characters, ships, and regions in the game as in the series.

As you progress in STFC, you will find that you can complete daily missions. There are several types of daily missions, however, it is recommended that you focus on the faction daily missions.

What is a faction?

There are several factions in STFC, namely Augment, Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Independent. Players have a reputation with every faction, except the Independent faction.

Your reputation with a faction determines your daily missions and whether your ships will be attacked in faction systems or not.

You can decide which faction to join, as no faction has more benefits than the others. However, once you have reached a faction lock, you can start increasing your reputation with other factions to unlock their daily missions and faction store.

Bear in mind that it can take some time to increase your reputation with  factions, so players should not expect to get the highest ranking with a faction overnight.

STFC: Dailies by level

A faction’s reputation, to put it plainly, is an indicator of how much a faction likes or dislikes you.

For the 3 major factions, Klingon, Romulan, and Federation, as your reputation improves, several things will change for you. Firstly, you will unlock your daily faction missions once you reach a certain reputation rank.

Although there are level daily missions you can complete to increase your level, you should focus on completing faction daily missions.

This is because as your reputation with a faction increases, you can unlock a faction store, which contains rare items. Moreover, you will have your away team faction missions to earn rewards.

Unfortunately, a complete list of the daily faction missions is not available yet, as each faction’s missions are unique. However, the table below outlines your reputation points, and which missions you can expect to complete:

Reputation points Reputation rank Dailies
– 2 000 000 Maximum negative No daily goals
– 2 000 000 to – 500 000 Enemy No daily goals
-4 99 999 to -25 0000 Hostile No daily goals
-24 999 to -500 Untrustworthy No daily goals
– 499 to 499 Neutral No daily goals
500 to 4 999 Tolerated Initial goals
5000 to 24 999 Neighbour Initial goals
25 000 to 99 999 Friendly Initial goals
100 000 to 199 999 Favoured High favoured goals
500 000 to 999 999 Consort Initial Consort goals
1 000 000 to 1 999 999 Consort High Consort goals
2 000 000 to 4 999 999 Associate Initial Associate goals
5 000 000 to 9 999 999 Associate Faction Locked at 10 million

What happens after the faction lock?

A faction lock means that your reputation with a faction will never fall below 10 million. When you have attained a faction lock with a faction, you can still gain reputation points to reach higher ranks.

If you reach the higher ranks, you can unlock the top-level goals of the faction. In order to reach these dailies, you have to reach the following ranks in a faction:

  • Respected
  • Celebrated
  • Admired
  • Esteemed
  • Commended
  • Glorified
  • Champion
  • Distinguished
  • Guardian
  • Leader
  • Pioneer
  • Icon
  • Legend

It is worth noting that you do not have to reach these ranks if you have a faction lock. You can start collecting reputation points for another faction to unlock their daily missions and faction store.

Level daily missions

The daily level missions will reward you with experience points, which means that you will gain levels faster. These missions are quite simple to complete, but as you gain more levels, the enemies that you have to vanquish become more powerful.

Players therefore have to ensure that their fleet is powerful enough to defeat the horrific foes. If your fleet is not strong enough, you will have a difficult time completing the missions.

How to gain faction reputation points

In order to unlock faction daily missions, you have to collect faction reputation points. STFC players can acquire reputation points by killing hostiles of the other factions. Moreover, you have to complete missions and daily goals.

You can also spend resources in the daily faction reputation events to gain more reputation points.

Allegedly, higher-level ships provide you with more reputation than lower-level ships. Players should also note that survey ships yield more reputation than warships.

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