STFC: Court of Q

Players level 19 and higher can build STFC’s new building, Court of Q, to unlock Q’s Trials, which gives you access to the new Forbidden Tech.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous video game which invites players to explore a vast open galaxy. The objective of the game is to expand your fleet by completing quests, slaying enemies and harvesting resources.

Update 54 introduced the Court of Q, which allows players to unlock Q’s Trials.

STFC: Court of Q

Scopely, STFC’s developer, regularly updates the game to resolve known bugs and to introduce new features to the game.

Update 54, which was recently released, introduced the Court of Q. Q’s Court appears across all bases from Ops level 19 and upwards.

If you are yet to reach level 19, you will not be able to construct Q’s Court. Instead, you should focus on increasing your level. In order to build the court, players have to procure Court of Q Keys, which is in the Gifts Section.

Keep in mind that you need a specific number of keys to construct the court. Therefore, you may have to visit the Gifts Section daily to collect the required amount of keys.

Constructing the court will give you access to Q’s Trials. The Trials require that players defeat a hostile before the timer runs out to earn rewards.

STFC: Court of Q
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Can Q’s Court be upgraded?

Players should  upgrade their Court regularly as it will unlock additional Trials. This gives you access to certain Forbidden Tech refinery options and Forbidden Tech upgrades.

Furthermore, you will notice that you receive Protomatter every time you upgrade the building. According to update 54, players will receive a buff when they upgrade Q’s Court.

It is also worth noting that upgrading the building requires specific materials and resources, which means that you may have to farm resources to upgrade the building.


Once you have built Q’s Court, you will get access to Q’s Trials. Every Trial requires that players vanquish a target before the timer runs out. You can defeat the target as many times as you wish while the timer is running.

Every Trial comprises either an Interceptor, Battleship or an Explorer. Players can learn more about their target before the Trial commences by clicking on the information icon. Upon successful completion of a Trial, you will receive Protomatter.


The amount of Protomatter that you receive after successfully completing a Trial depends on the Trial and the current level of your Court.

STFC players can use the Protomatter to upgrade your Forbidden Technology, which is a set of dangerous collectibles that you can add to your arsenal.

Forbidden Tech can be applied to Tier-2 and higher vessels to be transformed into more powerful ships. To unlock a ship’s Forbidden Tech slot, you need to use Fusion Rods, which can be exchanged for Forbidden Tech Credits.

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