STFC: Court of Q Key

STFC players who are level 19 and higher can find Court of Q Keys in their Gifts, and they are required to construct the new building, Q’s Court.

You can enjoy iconic Star Trek characters, locations, storylines and ships in this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

In addition to following the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, you can participate in a range of activities.

A recent update introduced the Court of Q Keys to the game, however, some players are unsure what they are for.

STFC: Court of Q Key

On Tuesday, 4 July 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 56, which introduced various new activities to STFC.

Players can now participate in Q’s Trials, though you first have to construct Q’s Court.

To construct the new building, you have to be at least level 19 and you have to collect Court of Q Keys. Players can acquire the Court of Q Keys in the Gift section of STFC.

It is currently undetermined if you only need 1 Key to build the Court or if you need several. If you need several Keys, you may have to check your Gifts regularly to claim them.

After claiming your Keys, you will be able to construct Q’s Court, which gives you access to Q’s Trials.

To commence a Trial, players must acquire Trial Bells from  the Daily Gifts menu or they can earn them by participating in certain events.

Q’s Trials

During a Trial, you have to slay either a Battleship, an Explorer or an Interceptor before the timer runs out. Although Q may occasionally select a special hostile for you to face, which is a different ship type.

Players will fail the Trial if they do not vanquish the enemy before the timer depletes. Keep in mind that your Trial Bells will be consumed whether you completed the event successfully or failed it.

STFC: Court of Q Key
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For successfully completing a Trial, you will be rewarded with Protomatter. However, the amount of Protomatter that you earn is determined by the Trial and the Court of Q building level.

Players can use their Protomatter to upgrade the new Forbidden Technology. Forbidden Tech transforms your vessels into even more powerful ships, but keep in mind that you can only unlock the Forbidden Tech Slots in tier-2 or higher vessels.

Players should upgrade their Forbidden Tech regularly to enhance the ship’s capabilities.

Do you need Court of Q Keys to upgrade Q’s Court?

It is  noteworthy that players only need Court of Q Keys to construct Q’s Court. The keys are therefore not required to upgrade the Court. In order to increase the level of your Court, you have to acquire Emblem of Assessment.

STFC players should upgrade their Court regularly as this will give them access to new Trials every time the building is upgraded.

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