STFC: Counter Intelligence

STFC players can enjoy the Counter Intelligence event by matching a famous quote to the person who said it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting video game in which players can immerse themselves in a fictitious, space realm. It follows the Kelvin storyline of the classic series, Star Trek, and thus, players can find iconic characters in STFC that appeared in the series.

As a new player, you begin your adventure with a single spaceship and space station. However, as you progress in STFC, you can collect various ships.

In addition to the main story arc, you can engage in numerous activities and occasional events. One of the events is Counter Intelligence, which is part of the Scrambled Communications event.

Scrambled Communications

The Scrambled Communications event has several parts or stages. During each stage of the event, players must find clues in order to find out what happened to the Communication system. Each stage of the event has a specific task that players must complete.

For instance, for the Strange New Cipher stage, players had to use Western Musical Notation to solve the puzzle. Whereas for another stage, players had to find specific words to complete a sentence.

Allegedly, the stages with unique objectives motivate players to participate in the event and earn rewards. It is noteworthy that each stage in the Scrambled Communications event is only active for a specific amount of time.

STFC: Counter Intelligence
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STFC: Counter Intelligence

The latest stage of the Scrambled Communications event in STFC is Counter Intelligence. To be successful in this stage, players have to match a famous quote from Deep Space 9 to the person who said it.

The first part of Counter Intelligence’s quote is, ‘’Well, I guess this means the end of our Starfleet Careers.” There is not an answer option, instead, you have to defeat a hostile in specific locations.

During the series, Bashir was the one that said the quote. This means that you have to travel to Sohkia, which is a level 9 system, to destroy a hostile.

Players will notice that there are more than 5 sections of this event, and hence, you have to destroy multiple enemies. The following table lists the famous quotes, as well as who said them:

Category number Quote Answer Location to defeat a hostile in
2 “I know how much your career means to you” D) Jadzia Mari
3 “Yeah, what kind of people give those orders?” C) Kira Aum
4 “I’m not Picard!” A) Sisko Donfo
5 “The way I see it, there are two possibilities, either everything will be fine, or we end up blowing the station to pieces.” B) Miles Dudu

When you reach the sixth stage of Counter Intelligence, you may notice that you no longer have to defeat enemies in a specific system, instead, you have to mine a specific resource:

Category Quote Answer Resource to mine
6 “Healthy body, healthy mind.” C) Nog Dilithium
7 “I do not know about you but I call that a bargain” E) Garak G2 Crystal
8 “I have my eye on you, Quark” D) Odo G2 Ore

What is Deep Space 9?

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is an American science-fiction television series. It is the fourth series in the Star Trek media franchise, and it originally aired from 3 January 1993. Unfortunately, the series concluded on 2 June 1999 with 176 episodes and 7 seasons.

The series takes place in the 24th century when Earth is part of the United Federation of Planets. The main setting of the series is a space station near a planet called Bajo. The space station was built by the imperialistic Cardassians during their brutal occupation of the planet.

After a war, the Bajorans invited the Federation to jointly administer the station. It was renamed Deep Space 9, and a Starfleet crew was assigned to manage it. Viewers can follow the story of Commander Benjamin Sisko as he faces difficulties on the space station.

Where to mine resources

As you can see in the table, you have to mine specific resources to complete a category in the event. The table below lists systems and locations where you can find the resources:

Resource Systems
  • Amador
  • Clytomenes
  • Deeva
  • Nelve
  • Rigel
  • Midnight
G2 Crystals
  • Bellas
  • Nelve
G2 Ore
  • Fastolf
  • Oblient
  • Labac
  • Aerimea
  • Lixar
  • Doska
  • Mapic
  • Thama

When does Counter Intelligence conclude?

As previously mentioned, the Scrambled Communication event contains different stages, each of which is only active for a certain period of time.

The STFC Counter Intelligence event started on Tuesday, 20 September 2022, and it will conclude on Saturday, 24 September 2022.

Players should ensure that they complete all 8 stages of Counter Intelligence to earn rewards.

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