STFC: Cosmic Particles

In order to research the new nodes in the Station Tree Expansion, STFC players have to acquire Cosmic Particles by completing daily objectives.

In this adventurous video game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), you can complete space-based missions, research features, vanquish opponents, mine resources and recruit officers.

Scopely, the game’s developer, recently released the patch notes for update 57, which introduced the Cosmic Particles.

STFC: Cosmic Particles

On Tuesday, 8 August 2023, Scopely released update 57, otherwise known as Voyager part 4.

This update introduced new features to STFC and it also expanded the Station Tree. This extension is available for all Commanders who have reached level 51.

With 39 nodes and 4 prime nodes, these will provide a plethora of options that will help with cost and time efficiency when upgrading your station and fleet.

In order to research the new nodes and prime nodes, you need to procure a new material called Cosmic Particles.

This material can be found in the third chest while you complete your daily goals in STFC. It is undetermined how many Cosmic

Particles you need to research the new nodes and prime nodes. Players should also note that the number of Cosmic Particles that you can acquire is determined by your OPS level.

STFC: Cosmic Particles
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Cosmic Particle Acquisition

Players can use the following table when planning their Cosmic Particle Acquisition:

OPS Daily Max Efficiency Days Years Without Efficiency
51 400 9.5 percent 3082 8.4 7.0
52 430 10.5 percent 2867 7.9 6.5
53 455 11.5 percent 2709 7.4 6.2
54 485 12.5 percent 2542 7.0 5.8
55 515 15 percent 2394 6.6 5.5
56 565 16 percent 2182 6.0 5.0
57 620 17 percent 1988 5.4 4.5
58 Unknown 18 percent Unknown Unknown Unknown
59 730 19 percent 1689 4,6 3.9
60 790 20 percent 1560 4.3 3.6

Daily Goals

Players can access their Daily Goals by tapping on the yellow mission button on the left side of the screen and then selecting the “Daily Goals” tab. In this menu, a list of objectives will appear that you need to complete before the goals reset.

Players can complete the goals to earn points and if you earn enough points, you will be rewarded with milestone rewards. Your points, milestones, rewards and goals reset every 24 hours.

New Research

There are 3 prime nodes available in August 2023 which focus on Shield health, Isolytic Damage and Isolytic Mitigation.

Allegedly, free-to-play players cannot research the new prime nodes as the material required to research them can only be purchased with real money.

If you are willing to spend real money in STFC, then research the following prime nodes:

Tree Description
Combat Tree
  • Prime: Isolytic Damage Boost. Increases Isolytic Damage for all ships by a certain percentage.
  • Prime: Isolytic Defense Boost: Increases Isolytic Mitigation for all ships by 30 percent.
Galaxy Tree

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