STFC: Contraband Chips

STFC’s Apex event was previously a multi-day event that would take place before a Battle Pass, however, it is now a weekly event that rewards Contraband Chips.

You can put your tactical abilities to the test in this exhilarating mobile game, Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC).

Since the game follows the Kelvin chronology from the classic Star Trek series, players can encounter the iconic characters, ships and locations in the game as seen in the series.

In addition to various gaming modes, you can occasionally participate in in-game events, one of which  is Apex, which recently added Contraband Chips.

STFC: Apex event

The Apex event is a multi-day feature that generally takes place before a new Battle Pass is released. On the first day of the event, you simply have to mine data. Officers and Botany Bay upgrades ensure that you collect enough data.

On the second day, the Elite Outlaw and Apex Hunter sub-events occur. Elite Outlaw allows you to collect shards to unlock the Stella skin. This skin increases your loot from eclipse enemies by 250 percent and Apex Hunter requires you to defeat hostiles.

The last day of the event is an armada destruction sub-event and if you participate in the Apex event, you will earn several rewards.

STFC: Contraband Chips

On Wednesday, 12 April 2023, STFC announced on their official Discord channel that the Apex event series is getting an update. The changes that the update introduced were implemented on Thursday, 13 April 2023.

According to the announcement, the Apex event is now a weekly event and will occur every Thursday. The event will remain active for 24 hours.

The Apex update also revealed that there is a new reward that can be earned through events called Contraband Chips.

Players can exchange these Chips for items in the Apex store. You can now obtain the Assimilated Stella, Opus Grande Stella, Salvaged Enterprise and Salvaged D4 Salvaged Augur from the Apex store.

STFC: Contraband Chips
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Although the update introduced several new features, it also removed Zeta Tokens from the system. However, rewards have been updated for Rogue Event Trophies and Eclipse Heist Tokens.

Some players welcomed the Apex update, but there are several STFC players who are unhappy with the changes. One player stated, “This is going to be a huge step back for people in terms of the event and the sheer grind is going to add for most.”

Another player expressed, “Hard pass. I am not going to grind armadas all day and night every Thursday just to place 31st.”

Players allegedly need to be ranked first on the rankings for several weeks before they can be rewarded. For instance, to acquire the assimilated skin, you need 6 first-place rankings.

Your ranking in the event determines the amount of Chips you will receive. The better you place, the more Chips you will receive at the end of the event.

How to earn points

When an Apex event is active, you have to complete a few activities to earn points. Players have to destroy Eclipse Armadas, destroy enemies with the Stella, use Directives and Officers as well as Outlaw Officers #2.

We recommend that you use the Stella to defeat Eclipse Armadas. Furthermore, you can use Epic Kirk or Rare Spock with the Enterprise Crew. Alternatively, you can use Epic Khan with his crew.

You can also use Rare Beverly Crusher or Jean-Luc Picard with the TNG Crew.

Bear in mind that you need Armada Directives to summon Armadas. Players can acquire Directives by completing Daily goals and Events. Moreover, you can also collect them from the Alliance Store or from Special Offers.

Will the Contraband Chips be removed?

If you participate in the STFC Apex event, you will be rewarded with Contraband Chips, though most of the items you can purchase with the Chips require a high quantity of Chips. Many players are curious if their Chips will reset every week.

Fortunately, Chips are carried over to the following week. Therefore, you can stack your Chips until you have enough to purchase the item you want.

As previously explained, you need 6 first-place rankings to purchase the assimilated skin and not only do you need to farm Chips, but you also need to meet the requirements to purchase items.


You will receive Contraband Chips based on your rank at the end of the event; the following table lists the number of Contraband Chips players get for the first 5 ranks:

Rank Number of Contraband Chips
1 30 000
2 21 000
3 15 000
4 15 000
5 15 000

In addition to Contraband Chips, you will receive an item which can be used for research purposes. The higher you rank, the more research items you will get.

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