STFC: Command Center

STFC recently added the Command Center to the game and players can assign Fleet Commanders to receive fleetwide buffs.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), a thrilling mobile game, players can test their tactical skills. Since the game is based on the classic Star Trek series, you will encounter similar characters, locations, and ships in the video game.

STFC recently added several features to the game for players to enjoy, one of which is the Command Center.

Why does STFC add new content?

It is alleged that if gamers play the same content over and over again, they will eventually get bored of the game and, therefore, stop playing it  entirely.

Therefore, STFC’s developer, Scopely, adds new content, officers and ships to the game regularly to keep it exciting for players.

By adding new content to STFC, Scopely is also attempting to motivate potential players to enjoy the game. This essentially means that their audience numbers will most likely grow when they release new, exciting content to an already existing game.

Scopely generally adds new content to STFC through updates and patches. Players can find the patch notes on the official STFC website to view the details of the new content.

STFC: Command Center

On Tuesday, 10 January 2023, Scopely released the patch notes for update 50. The update adds exciting new content to STFC, including Fleet Commanders, Borg Solo Armadas, new missions, and new officers among other things.

The update also introduced a new building to the game called the Command Center (CC) The CC is a building in your base to which Fleet Commanders can be assigned and be “On Duty.” Keep in mind that the building has a limited number of assigned Fleet Commanders.

STFC: Command Center
© Scopely

Players who are level 15 or higher will receive a gift in their in-game mail, and once they open it, it will start the quest to construct your CC. Similarly to other buildings, the CC can be upgraded.

Self Sealing Stem Bolts are used to upgrade the CC. This resource is available from the Daily Gift from the Command Center refinery and the “Offers” tab.

Your CC has 1 Fleet Commander chair unlocked at level 1, which means that you can only assign 1 Fleet Commander.

However, once you reach CC level 40, you will be able to unlock a second chair. As you reach higher CC levels, you will unlock certain skills that can influence your gameplay positively.

Before making any changes on the assigned Fleet Commanders, players first have to dock all ships so that the buffs can be applied.

What are Fleet Commanders?

Fleet Commanders have many years of distinguished service and flawless records. They provide powerful fleetwide buffs in several areas of STFC, however, they are only available from level 15.

Although Fleet Commanders provide your entire fleet with buffs, they will be stationed at the Command Center.

This means that Fleet Commanders cannot be assigned to Away Missions and Ship Crews as this goes against station regulations.

Fleet Commanders provide buffs that will give you an edge against enemies and other players. Their skills will also assist in researching and in specific ship-related missions.

Command Center Refinery

During the month of January of 2023 players, will be able to recruit either Spock or Kirk as Fleet Commanders. While levelling up your Command Center, you will receive the quest to use the Command Center Refinery.

Some STFC players have noticed that when they click on their Command Center, they cannot find the refinery.

This is because the Command Center refinery menu can be found at the bottom of your normal refinery tab. If it is not in the list, it is advisable that you update your game to ensure that you have the latest version of it installed.

The Command Center refinery allows players to upgrade their CC in order to unlock new skills and new Fleet Commander chairs.

How to improve your Fleet Commanders

Once you have chosen either Spock or Kirk as your first Fleet Commander, you need to improve their skills to increase their efficiency. Fleet Commanders can be improved using skill points, commander experience points, and commander credits.

STFC: Command Center
© Scopely

Each Fleet Commander also has a skill tree, which is divided into 3 branches. The skill tree is unique to each Fleet Commander. For instance, Spock’s branches are Miner, Architect, and Scientist.

Every branch has a unique key and players will receive 1 unique key from the Command Center Refinery once the Fleet Commander reaches level 1,5,9,13, and 18.

Bear in mind that some skills require a Quantum Key and are regarded as an On Duty Selectable skill. These skills are only applied when the Fleet Commander is assigned to the Command Center building.

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