STFC: Command Center Refinery

The Command Center Refinery in STFC can be found in your Refinery building, however, some players are experiencing a bug.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exciting mobile game that combines strategic battles with role-playing elements. The game is based on the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series and thus, players can expect similar aspects.

Scopely recently announced that a new feature, Command Center, will be added to the game, and it consists of a unique refinery.

What is the Command Center?

The Command Center (CC) is a building in your base to which Fleet Commanders can be assigned to be “On Duty”. That being said, players should note that the building has a limited number of assigned Fleet Commanders.

If you are level 15 or higher, you will receive a gift in your in-game mail. When you open the gift, you will begin a quest which requires that you construct a CC.

Similarly to other buildings in your base, the CC can be upgraded, but upgrading the building requires Self Sealing Stem Bolts.

At CC level 1, you will unlock a Fleet Commander chair, which allows you to assign a Fleet Commander. Players can unlock another chair once the building reaches level 40.

STFC: Command Center Refinery

On Tuesday, 10 January 2023 Scopely announced the Command Center. They also revealed that players can either recruit Spock or Kirk as their first Fleet Commanders.

STFC: Command Center Refinery
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Once you have successfully constructed your CC, you have to gather resources to upgrade it and increase its level.

At once stage, Spock or Kirk will give you the task to access and use your Command Center refinery. This quest has caused some confusion as players are struggling to find the Command Center refinery. This is because the CC refinery is not located in the CC.

Instead, you can find it in your normal refinery. The refinery is a building in your starbase, and it is used to process raw materials and resources including Ore, Crystal, and Gas.

Some players have stated that they cannot locate the CC refinery in their main refinery building. If this is the case for you, you should install the latest update of the game.

Once you have selected a Fleet Commander, you will be able to increase their rank to unlock new skills in their skill tree. Every Fleet Commander has unique branches, which means that Commanders have a range of different skills.

For example, Spock has Scientist, Architect, and Miner skill branches. Each branch has a Unique Key, which players can claim from the Command Center Refinery for free. Keep in mind that you can only claim a key when your Fleet Commander reaches rank 1,5,9,13, and 18.

How to upgrade your CC

As previously stated, players need Self Sealing Stem Bolts to upgrade their Command Center. This resource is available in the Daily Gift from the Command Center Refinery, and unfortunately, the Self Sealing Stem Bolts cannot be acquired otherwise.

It is therefore crucial that you check your Command Center Refinery daily, as it is necessary that you improve your Command Center’s level.

If you increase your Command Center’s level, you can unlock additional skills. Moreover, you will be able to unlock another Fleet Commander chair once your CC reaches level 40.

How to progress in your Fleet Commander’s Skill Tree

In order to progress in Spock or Kirk’s Skill Trees, you have to acquire specific Skill Points. Each Fleet Commander requires their specific skill points.

This means that you either have to obtain Kirk’s Skill Points or Spock’s Skill Points, based on which Fleet Commander you selected.

Specific Skill Points can be earned by levelling up your Fleet Commander, or by exchanging Uncommon Skill Points in the Command Center Refinery.

Your Command Center Refinery is thus a vital step in progressing in your Fleet Commander’s Skill Tree.

What to do if you are still not finding your Command Center Refinery

Many STFC players have reported that they are still unable to locate their Command Center Refinery, even though they have the latest version of the game.

According to the official Discord channel, there are several players experiencing the issue, and it is therefore a well-known bug.

Since the feature was recently launched, it can be expected that there would be some problems with it. Fortunately, Scopely is likely to resolve the issue within the next few days.

If you are unable to locate your “Command Center Refinery” tab in your Refinery building, you should ensure that you have the latest version of the game.

If you still cannot find it, it is advisable that you log a ticket with Scopely to make them aware of the issue that you are experiencing.

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