STFC: Collective of One

The Collective of One is a new series of quests in STFC, and gamers have to at least be on level 25 to unlock it.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an adventurous mobile game that invites gamers to experience strategic battles.

The game follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series, therefore, you will encounter the same iconic characters in the game and in the series. There are numerous quests that you can complete in STFC, one of which is Collective of One.

Missions in STFC

As with other video games, STFC contains several quests. It is mandatory that you complete the game’s main missions as they form the core of the game. In addition to the main missions, there are also side missions in the game.

Side missions are not mandatory to complete as they do not affect your gameplay. Although these missions are not mandatory, it is advisable that you do complete them as they will give you access to STFC’s lore.

When you have completed a side mission, you will be rewarded with experience points, which are required in order to reach the following level.

STFC: Collective of One

There are several quests in STFC that are categorised. One of the categories is Holodeck, which consists of more than 60 unique quests. Update 51, which was released on 7 February 2023, introduced multiple new missions for you to complete.

One of the missions that the update introduced is Collective of One, which falls in the Holodeck category. To begin this quest, you have to accept it in the Holodeck mission list.

The quest’s description reveals that Captain Cooper Jakes and Sib Lambda follow the trail of the Rogue Borg called One.

You now have to help them find the Rogue Borg. It is important to note that only players who are on level 25 or higher can accept this quest. If you are yet to reach level 25, it is advisable that you focus on completing the quests that are available to you to accumulate experience points.

For those who want to complete the quest, you may have a difficult time locating it in the Holodeck mission list. This is because the mission is listed in the “Assimilation” section of the Holodeck menu.

STFC: Collective of One
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After accepting the quest, you have to follow the given instructions  to complete it and to receive rewards.

In the Assimilation menu, you will discover that you can complete another mission series called History Class. At the time of writing this, it is undetermined whether you can complete both Collective of One and History Class or not.

Why should you complete Collective of One?

Since Collective of One is a side mission, many players will decide not to complete it. However, you should complete it as it gives you access to the new Vi’dar. The Vi’dar is a 3-star uncommon Interceptor that you need a level 25 shipyard to build.

However, STFC recently introduced a new version of the ship to the game –  Vi’dar Talios. Most players have already constructed the normal Vidar version and are now interested in getting the Vi’dar Talios.

If you want to acquire the new ship, you have to complete the Collective of One quests.

How to increase your level

As previously explained, you have to at least be on level 25 before you can accept the Collective of One quest. In order to increase your level, you have to collect experience points. Players can complete missions and defeat enemies to farm experience points.

It is recommended that you do not attempt to defeat an enemy whose level is much higher than yours, as you will likely struggle to defeat the enemies. Instead, you can defeat enemies with a slightly lower level than yours to collect experience points.

Moreover, you should not rush STFC but rather, you should enjoy the game at a steady pace. If you rush the game, you may miss out on fun content and interesting lore.

Vi’dar Talios

With the Borg threat growing, scientists from all factions have joined forces to bring a new predator to your shipyard. Taking a page from the classic Vi’dar, the Vi’dar Talios has exceeded expectations on multiple levels.

In addition to the Collective of One quest, you have to complete part 1 and part 2 of the quest – They Have Adapted. These missions are available to the owners of tier 9 Vi’dar, but you have to at least level be on 35 to unlock this quest.

The Vi’dar Talios challenges the Expansion Cubes, which are a new enemy that you can defeat. You will also benefit from additional rewards in the Borg Refinery. The Talios features higher impulse speed, which can affect your gameplay substantially.

STFC: Vi’dar Talios
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