STFC: Collect and Conqueror part 2

The STFC mission, Collect and Conqueror part 2, requires that gamers restore an Artifact, but some players are not able to locate the menu.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating video game that puts players’ strategic skills to the test. As the game’s name implies, it was inspired by the classic series, Star Trek, thus, it follows the Kelvin chronology of the franchise.

There are several missions in STFC, one of which is Collect and Conqueror Part 2.

Missions in STFC

When you first start playing STFC, you need to complete a series of tutorial missions to understand how the game works. When you have completed the tutorial missions, you can start the main storyline of the game.

Unfortunately, you cannot skip these missions as they are crucial for your progress in the game. Players will get rich rewards for completing the main arc missions. As you advance in STFC, you may come across side missions, which are completely optional.

Although these missions are optional, we recommend that you complete them as they will award you with experience points. You need experience points to reach the next level, along with several other rewards.

STFC: Collect and Conqueror part 2

Scopely, STFC’s developer, recently released the patch notes for update 54, which introduced several new aspects to the game. Players can now enjoy a new space region, new enemies and they can collect 2 new officers.

Additionally, the update added a variety of new missions that you can complete, one of which is Collect and Conqueror. This mission serves as a tutorial for the new building, The Artifact Gallery.

You have to complete this quest in order to fully understand how the new building functions.

The quest has several parts. Once you have completed part 1 of the mission, you can complete part 2. Collect and Conqueror part 2 requires players to restore the artifact that they obtained in the Artifact Gallery.

Since restoring Artifacts is a new feature, several players are confused about how to complete this part of the quest. In order to restore an Artifact, players have to select their Artifact Gallery in their base.

In the new menu, you can find an icon that looks like a leaf. If you click on this icon, you restore Premium Artifacts and regular Artifacts.

To complete the quest players have to select the regular Artifacts option and follow the given instructions. When you have restored the Artifact, you can complete the quest.

Players will earn various rewards for completing the quest and you will understand how to use the Artifact Gallery.

The Artifact Gallery

In order to complete Collect and Conqueror, players have to construct the new building called The Artifact Gallery. It is home to a collection of valuable artifacts which have been procured from across the quadrant and beyond.

Keep in mind that only players level 26 and higher can build the Artifact Gallery. You  need 100 Artifact Gallery Keys to build it, which you can acquire from the Gift menu in STFC.

If you build the Artifact Gallery, you will be able to access the artifacts and gain additional buffs.

After building the Artifact Gallery, you have to upgrade it, which requires Artifact Gallery Schematics. You can procure the material from Artifact Restoration Chests, but it can only be opened with Artifact Tokens.

STFC: Artifacts
© Scopely


Artifacts are powerful items that provide a wide range of amazing buffs to those who acquired them.

You can benefit from the K’T’Inga Scale Replica buff, which increases G4 material cost efficiency for all ship components and Scotty’s Trident Scanner, which increases ship part cost efficiency for all ship components.

To procure and upgrade Artifacts, you need to gather Artifact shards by defeating Formation Armadas. However, players can also obtain Artifact Shards by purchasing an Artifact Restoration Chest from the “Artifacts” tab of the in-game store.

Artifacts are an invaluable addition to your gallery, as they provide your characters with fleet-wide buffs and benefits.

Formation Armadas

In order to acquire Artifact shards, you have to vanquish a new enemy, Formation Armadas. Unfortunately, STFC players can only encounter them in a new space region called the Delta Quadrant.

STFC: Hirogen
© Scopely

These enemies are in selected systems of the Delta Quadrant, and they contain several simulations of Starfleet Headquarters used for gathering intelligence on Starfleet’s capabilities.

Each Armada features 3 targets, and if they are all vanquished simultaneously, this will result in the total annihilation of the Armada.

Bear in mind that this is not a solo fight, as 3 other members of your Alliance or members of an Alliance in the system, can join the attack.

Commanders above level 26 can participate in the fight, however, to start the attack, you need 100 Formation Armada Directives. You can acquire these Directives through Daily Goal completion.

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