STFC: Carol Freeman

STFC’s Lower Decks II Part 1 update introduces 3 new Epic Officers that players can acquire, one of which is Carol Freeman.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is a thrilling video game that invites players to follow the Kelvin chronology of the classic series, Star Trek.

You can recruit legendary characters, complete space-based missions and explore several space systems in STFC. One of the officers that you can procure is Carol Freeman.

Lower Decks II Part 1

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, STFC’s developer, Scopely, released update 58, also known as Lower Decks II Part 1.

This update revealed that the crew of the USS Cerritos is back with new friends, challenges and dragons to face.

Update 58 also introduced various new features to STFC. You can now construct the new economy-based ship, the Monaveen, and recruit several new officers.

The update also implemented several new missions you can complete to earn rich rewards.

Keep in mind that most of the new quests have specific requirements that must be met in order to accept the mission.

STFC: Carol Freeman

Since STFC is based on the Star Trek series, it comes as no surprise that players can recruit iconic Star Trek characters.

One of the officers that update 58 introduced is Carol Freeman, who, according to Star Trek lore, was a female Human Starfleet officer who lived in the 2380s.

She served as the commanding officer of the USS Cerritos, which specialized in second contact missions.

Similarly to other officers in STFC, Freeman has a few unique abilities which players can experience on the battlefield.

STFC: Carol Freeman
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The following table lists her abilities and describes each one:

Ability type Ability Ability description
Captain ability Vocal Jazz
  • On combat start against players, Carol Freeman increases your shots by 100 percent.
  • This ability only activities when Freeman is assigned to the officer position on a ship.
Officer ability Cerritos Strong!
  • On round start, if the enemy player has any state, Carol Freeman increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by 60 percent for 1 round. Commanders should note that Isolytic Cascade multiplies your total damage, including Isolytic Damage and all research and other bonuses.
  • The states include but are not limited to Morale, Burning, Hull Breach and Assimilated.
  • This ability only activates when Freeman is assigned to the bridge of a ship.


After obtaining Carol, you can focus on increasing her level and rank. If you are interested in increasing Carol Freeman’s rank, you should note the following:

Number Max level Shards Officer XP Federation Credits Command Badge
1 5 100 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
2 10 100 50 000 1350 Not applicable
3 15 200 500 000 5250 1
4 20 300 1 250 000 13 225 2
5 30 400 2 500 000 30 000 4

As you increase Freeman’s rank, you will increase her abilities. For instance, when she reaches the LT. Commander IV rank, her Cerritos Strong ability increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by 110 percent instead of 60 percent.

It would therefore be very beneficial to you to increase Freeman’s rank as soon as possible.

Freeman’s crew

Although you can use any crew with Carol Freeman, this is not recommended, as she has to synergize with her crew members to enhance her abilities.

Commanders therefore have to use the correct crew with Freeman to be successful on the battlefield.

We recommend that players use Carol with the Lower Decks crew, specifically HG Worf and Gabriel Lorca. At the time of writing this, these officers are available for purchase in the in-game store.

If you cannot obtain HG Worf and Lorca, you should not worry about other Lower Decks Officers giving her synergy, as it is basically useless.

STFC players should apply a status to them in some way. Since you want Freeman as the captain of the crew, and you do not have HG Worf or Lorca, the easiest thing to do is to use Georgiou or Nero.


The ideal crew for Carol Freeman includes Lorca and HG Worf, however, and these officers also have unique abilities.

The table below lists their abilities as well as a description of each:

Officer name Officer ability Captain’s Maneuver
Worf Only Fools have no Fear: He increases all Mitigation stats against non-player targets by a certain percentage. Headlong into Battle: After winning a battle, he increases the Warp Speed of the ship by 70 percent. This bonus does not stack, and will be removed when you return to your station.
Gabriel Lorca At the beginning of every round, there is a chance that Lorca can deal a Hull Breach to the opponent’s ship for 2 rounds. At the beginning of each round, if the opponent has a hull breach, Lorca decreases the opponent’s weapon damage by 100 percent for this turn.

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