STFC: Bounty Hunter Avatar

During STFC Bounty Hunter events, you had to equip your Bounty Hunter Avatar in order to score points and earn rewards.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s developer, Scopely, regularly hosts in-game events that require that gamers complete unique tasks to earn rich rewards.

Bounty Hunter Avatar

Towards the end of December 2023 players were able to participate in the Bounty Hunter event, in which they had to defeat enemies to score points and rewards.

However, in order to score points during this event, you had to equip the Bounty Hunter Avatar. If you defeated enemies without this avatar equipped, you did not get any points, or rewards, by vanquishing the enemies.

The first part of the event invited players to join the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. After enlisting, players were able to start the Great Chase SMS 1,2 and 3. For this event, you had to hunt enemies while equipped with your Bounty Hunter’s Avatar.

STFC: Bounty Hunter Avatar
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Commanders were then able to rank up within the guild to gain access to additional SMS events. Keep in mind that all players started with the Initiate rank and had to vanquish enemies to gain the Bounty Hunter and Veteran ranks.

For every rank unlocked, gamers received a new Bounty Hunter Avatar. Commanders had to equip their new Bounty Hunter Avatar in order to unlock the following stage of the SMS and SLB events.

You also had to compete against Commanders to see who can hunt the most hostiles. Every day, the top 100 Commanders earned Bounty Tickets, which could be redeemed for exclusive guild bounties.

If you qualified during the first part of the Bounty Hunter event, you were able to enjoy the Killing Games event to earn even greater rewards.

Event Stages

The Bounty Hunter event consisted of several stages, each of which are listed below:

Stage Description
Enlistment Start the path to become one of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters! Check the Event Store to enlist.
The Great Chase 1,2 and 3 Starting as an Initiate, you can earn the ranks of Bounty Hunter and Veteran by hunting the appropriate targets.
Proving Grounds: Initiates- SLB Players can compete against other Initiates to try to hunt the most hostiles.
Proving Grounds: Bounty Hunters – SLB Commanders had to compete against other players to attempt to hunt the most hostiles and group armadas.
Proving Grounds: Veterans – SLB You had to compete against other Veterans to see who can hunt the most group armadas and hostiles.

How to enlist

As previously explained, Commanders had to enlist in order to join the Bounty Hunter event. In the “Event” tab, you could find the Enlistment – SMS event, which required players to redeem the “Enlist” item in the event store.

Players level 10 and higher could claim the “Enlist” item in the event store to get the Bounty Hunter Avatar. After claiming the time, you had to go to your Commander profile and equip the avatar to score points and receive rewards while the event is active.

Once you have equipped the avatar, players can join the event by destroying specific hostiles. Every time your rank increased, you got a new Bounty Hunter Avatar which had to be equipped to gain access to the following stage of the event.

Bounty Hunter Avatar bug

On the official STFC Discord channel, several Commanders have mentioned that they are not receiving any points even if they destroy hostiles with their Bounty Hunter Avatar equipped.

Allegedly, this problem surfaced when players replaced their Initiate Bounty Hunter Avatar with a higher rank avatar.

To resolve this issue, various players replaced their higher rank Bounty Hunter Avatar with their Initiate Bounty Hunter Avatar.

A player named Sumsarg mentioned that players can simply do the Solo Armadas with the Initiate avatar while autofarming to score points during the event.

The Killing Games event

The second part of the Bounty Hunter event rewarded all players who qualified and ranked up in the previous Bounty Hunter event, The Great Chase.

During the Killing Games event you could redeem Bounty Orders for individual bounties and if you completed them, you were able to earn great rewards.

The Killing Games invited Commanders to compete against other hunters to complete the most bounties in an attempt to earn an even grander prize. Keep in mind, however, that only players who qualified for this event were able to participate in it.

If you did not qualify for this event, you were not able to earn rewards by completing additional bounties.

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