STFC: Borg Solo Armadas

STFC recently announced that players can enjoy Borg Solo Armadas, though you have to be operations level 35 to participate in the event.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC), an adventurous mobile game, players can put their tactical skills to the test. The game is based on the Kelvin chronology of the Star Trek series and therefore, you will likely encounter similar aspects in the game.

STFC recently announced that they are hosting a new event during which players can attempt Borg Solo Armadas.

In-game events in STFC

In-game events allow STFC players to experience the game in a new, exhilarating way for a limited period of time. When an event is active, you have to complete certain objectives in order to receive valuable rewards.

Sometimes, the rewards from an event can only be obtained from that specific event. It is therefore advisable that you attempt to participate in every in-game event, although this is not always possible.

It is important to remember that some STFC in-game events have specific requirements and if you do not meet these requirements, you cannot enjoy the event.

STFC: Borg Solo Armadas

On Tuesday, 10 January 2023, STFC released update 50’s patch notes, which introduces several new features to the game. They also revealed that the Borg, who are a silent menace, is lurking in the dark.

STFC: Borg Solo Armadas
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The reason for their return to the STFC fictional space realm is undetermined. Most players are wise enough to keep their distance, but for some, the risk is worth it.

This is because a scientist is causing trouble in an attempt to find her long-ago assimilated brother. Fortunately, Commanders are there to intervene alongside a new and unlikely ally: a former Borg drone.

Unlike previous Borg events, players can enjoy new Borg Solo Armadas in brand new Borg systems. In order to challenge these enemies, you need to have a minimum operations level of 35. Moreover, the Translink Disruptors research must be completed.

Players can find the new research objective in the Combat Research Tree. Gamers can receive numerous rewards for enjoying the new Borg Solo Armadas.

Players can also receive officer shards and a new exocomp that will increase the amount of inert nanoprobes gained from destroying Borg probes.

If you are interested in the event and you meet its requirements, you should check out the Borg Refinery tab to discover all of the new additions. You can find the Borg Refinery tab c in your normal Refinery building in your Starbase.

Borg Solo Armada Systems

As previously stated, there are new Armada systems that you can enjoy as a solo player. The main systems are Atraxi and Megnomis. However, you can also explore Petoran, Efros, Torovin, and Thora-Beta.

Players can also travel to Thora-Omega, Orin-Thet, and Orin-Sigma to complete the Borg Solo Armada missions. Gamers should note that each of these systems have specific level requirements.

This may mean that the enemies in these systems are a higher level than your operations level.

It is recommended that you explore Solo Armada systems that correspond to your operations’ level, otherwise you may have a difficult time defeating the enemies.

Borg Solo Armada Locations

The following table lists the Solo Borg Armada systems, their locations, as well as the recommended operations levels:

Location Recommended level Name
Atraxi and Megnomis 35
  • Romulan Space, which is found North of Rator.
Petoran 42
  • Neutral Space, located east of Wolf
Efros 46
  • Neutral Space (G4) on the Eastern side.
Torovin 49
  • Neutral Space (G4) on the Western side.
Thora-Beta-6 53
  • Neutral Space (G4), which players can find on the North Western side.
Thora-Omega-2 57
  • Neutral Space (G5). It is located in the cluster of Neutral space below Romulan Deep Space.
Orin-Theta-12 59
  • Neutral Space (G5). It can be located in the cluster of Neutral space below Romulan Deep Space.
Orin-Sigma-9 60
  • Neutral Space (G5). Players can find the cluster of Neutral space below Romulan Deep Space

Borg Solo Armada crew recommendations

Although you can use any crew for the Borg Solo Armadas, some crews tend to perform better than others. It is advisable that you use 56 Lorca and 789.

STFC players can then experiment with Sisko, Miles, and Kira to see which crew will best suit their needs during the Borg Solo Armada battles.

The following table outlines the characters’ abilities:

Character Abilities
  • Captain ability: Increases armour, shield deflection, and dodge by a specific percentage of total health when fighting Armadas.
  • Officer ability: Increases the critical hit chance against Armadas.
  • Captain ability: Reduces critical hit chance of cardassian armadas.
  • Officer ability: Decreases armour, shield deflection, and dodge of Armadas.
  • Officer ability: At the beginning of each round, you get a chance to deal double shots against Armadas.
  • Below Deck ability: Increase base Warp Speed.

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