STFC: Borg Cube

Scopely announced that for the first time ever, STFC Commanders level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube vessel to their roster.

In Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) you can enter a galaxy on the edge of war as different factions fight for the control of several quadrants.

As a commander of a starbase, you can complete space-based missions, defeat hostiles, help locals and recruit legendary officers which can be assigned to the iconic ships that you build.

Borg Cube

On Tuesday, 7 November 2023, Scopely announced that for the first time ever, players can add the Borg Cube vessel to their ship collection.

Commanders level 28 and higher can obtain the ship’s blueprints from the free and elite tracks of the Update 60 battle pass.

STFC: Borg Cube
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Keep in mind, however, that if you select the free path, you will not get enough blueprints to construct the ship.

You therefore have to complete a unique mission, The Cube, which has several parts. Every part of the quest chain has unique objectives you have to complete in order to get the Borg Cube’s blueprints.

Players who purchase the elite pass with real money will receive enough blueprints to build the Borg Cube, which means that you do not have to complete The Cube mission to acquire the additional blueprints.

Once you have constructed your Borg Cube, you can use its unique active ability, Borg Cutting Beam to vanquish hostiles in the various systems.

We recommend that you upgrade the Borg Cube regularly to increase the power of its unique ability.

The Cube

To procure additional Borg Cube blueprints, you can progress through The Cube mission chain. Every part of the mission has unique objectives, which are as follows:

The Cube part Objectives
Part 1
  • Meet with the Ex-Borg
  • Defeat an Arkonian Ship in Balrosh
  • Examine the Borg Cube
  • Donate 450 000 Tritanium
Part 2
  • Check the alarm
  • Defeat the Romulan vessel in Balrosh
  • Go to Fulriit
  • Defeat the Romulan vessel
Part 3
  • Check the sensor data
  • Investigate the distress signal in Morska
  • Defeat the assimilated ship
  • Scan the system
  • Follow the Transwarp signal
  • Hail the Romulans
  • Flee the Borg Cube
Part 4
  • Build a Borg Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base
  • Donate Dilithium
  • Set a course for Rator
  • Disable the Borg Cube’s engines
  • Upload the virus
Part 5
  • Defeat 15 level 28 or higher hostiles
  • Defeat the Borg Cube
  • Beam the Ex-Borg onto the Cube
  • Return to the Ex-Borg base

Borg Cutting Beam

To charge the ship’s active ability, you have to deal damage to opponents. The more damage you deal, the faster the beam will charge.

Once the Beam is charged, you can select the ship that you wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system and select the Borg Cutting Beam Icon on the enemy pop-up.

If you successfully destroy a PvE target using the Ship’s Active Ability, you will get a new resource called Technological Distinctiveness.

You can refine this material into Advanced Cybernetics and Shape Memory Alloy, which can be used to upgrade the Borg Cube.

To refine Technological Distinctiveness, you have to open the Borg Cube which is in your Support Menu. Keep in mind, however, that you can only access the Borg Cube Refinery if you have constructed the Borg Cube.

Upgrading the Borg Cube

In order to upgrade your Borg Cube, you need to procure Shape Memory Alloy as well as Advanced Cybernetics. However, you will need Borg Data Nodes, which you can acquire from one of the 3 factions.

When you reach one of the milestones with your faction ships, you will be rewarded with a Borg Data Node from the corresponding faction, which can be obtained in the “Gifts” tab.

This essentially means that if you want to, you can acquire and tier up 3 Borg Cubes. In addition to these resources, you need Tritanium, Dilithium, Battleship Parts, Crystals and Ore to upgrade your Borg Cube.

The higher the level of your Borg Cube, the more resources are required to upgrade the vessel.

Borg Research

Once you have built your Borg Cube in STFC, you can unlock research nodes to enhance his capabilities. You can unlock these research nodes for the Borg Cube:

Node Level required Description
Borg Cube Weaponry 28 If you unlock this research node, you will increase the Borg Cube’s base damage.
Borg Cube Warp Range 34 If you unlock this node you will increase the warp range for the Borg Cube.

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