STFC: Borg Cube Refinery

The Borg Cube Refinery in STFC allows players to acquire the necessary items to progress the Borg Cube nodes and to upgrade the vessels.

Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) is an exhilarating video game which follows the Kelvin chronology of the classic Star Trek series.

As the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space, you can recruit legendary characters like Nero, Spock, Kirk and Janeway. You can also construct powerful vessels to complete quests and explore space.

Borg Cube Refinery

Scopely recently released update 60, which revealed that commanders level 28 and higher can add the Borg Cube to their fleet. This ship is unlike any other ship in STFC, as it grows in power alongside its Commander.

The Borg Cube has its own research nodes to unlock, as well as its own refinery which can process raw materials.

When you destroy a PVE target using the ship’s active ability, you will get a new resource, Technological Distinctiveness.

This resource can be refined into Shape Memory Alloy and Advanced Cybernetics, which is required to upgrade the Borg Cube.

The more hostiles you destroy, the stronger your vessel will become. To refine these resources, you have to open the Borg Cube Refinery, which can be found in the “Support”.

STFC: Borg Cube Refinery
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Commanders should therefore use their Borg Cube refinery to acquire the items required to tier up your Borg Cube.

However, the Borg Cube refinery will also help you to obtain the materials needed to advance the new Borg Cube research nodes.

It is crucial to note that only gamers who have built the Borg Cube vessel can access the Borg Cube Refinery.

You cannot refine the Technological Distinctiveness (TD) in the Borg Cube Refinery if you do not have the Borg Cube in your fleet.

Technological Distinctiveness

The amount of Technological Distinctiveness that you earn by defeating an enemy with the Borg Cube is determined by the enemy’s level.

The table below lists the amount of TD that you can earn:

Hostile level TD
1 5
10 9
15 14
20 23
25 37
30 62
35 100
40 225
45 370
50 595
55 1320
60 2125
65 4765
70 7675

As seen in the table, the higher the enemy’s level is that you defeat, the more TD you will receive.

However, we recommend that you try to vanquish enemies in balance with your level, as a level 23 player should not attempt to defeat a level 70 enemy.

Borg Research

You can refine TD in the Borg Cube Refinery to earn the necessary materials needed to progress the new Borg Cube research nodes, which are in the Ex-Borg research tree.

At the time of writing, there are only 2 Borg Cube research nodes that you can unlock. The following table lists the research nodes:

Name Required level Requirements Description
Borg Cube Warp Range 34 R&D Department has to be at a specific level to upgrade this node Increases the Warp Range for the Borg Cube
Borg Cube Weaponry 28 R&D Department has to be at a specific level to upgrade the node. It also requires Shield Booster and Hull Booster Increases base damage for the Borg Cube

Borg Cutting Beam

To get TD, you need to vanquish enemies using the Borg Cube’s active ability, The Borg Cutting Beam.

To charge this ability, you have to deal damage to enemy ships. However, charging will depend on HHP damage dealt in regular combat.

Once the Beam is charged, Commanders can select a ship that they want to fire upon from anywhere in the same system. You can then select the Borg Cutting Beam icon on the enemy pop-up to attack the vessel.

Keep in mind that you cannot use this ability on Player Stations, Alliance Starbases or Armada Targets.

After destroying hostiles in STFC, you will earn TD, which can then be refined in your Borg Cube Refinery to procure the necessary materials to upgrade the Borg and progress the research nodes.

Borg Cube Tier Requirements

Once you have the necessary resources from the Borg Cube Refinery, you can use them to upgrade the tier of the vessel.

The vessel has certain tier requirements, which are listed below:

Warp Component Tier Restriction Tier
2 OPS 33 Not applicable
4 G3 Epic 3
6 G4 Unc 6
8 G4 Epic 4
10 G5 Unc 6
12 G5 Epic 4
14 G6 Unc 9
16 G6 Epic 6
18 None Not applicable

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